Sinners Antagonizing Sinners for Sinning Differently (Must Read)

Sinners antagonizing sinners for sinning differently: FOCUS


It baffles me when l see a Lord’s Chosen member trying to correct a Catholic on the meaning, dangers and consequences of bowing to images, worshipping/Honouring Mary and others. To me that act is like “Sinners antagonizing sinners for sinning differently” because a Lord’s Chosen members believe that the apron they’re wearing safeguards them from danger while A Catholic believes that that holy virgin Mary and other angels are forwarding their requests to Jesus or God.



Listen! If you put your pastor’s picture/sticker in front of your door or your car, you’re not different from Catholics that hangs the picture of Jesus and Mary in their room. If you put Holy-Bible under your pillow believing that it will scare witches & wizards from attacking you; you’re equally not different from those that believes that holy water and anointing oil chases evil away.



Do you think that imbec!l!ty is far from you when you’re fully convinced that it’s only the nembers of your church that will make heaven and others will roast in hell fire. What about a Married man that calls the pastors wife “Mummy” but continues continue calling his own wife “Mama-Emma” same applies to the wife that happily calls her pastor “Daddy” and return home to call her own husband “Papa-Emma”



Currently now! Atheist are on the increase! Judaism is growing and booming! Odinala (Culture) is winning in some part. Even the Lucif£r we thought is in hell fire is already the General overseer in some churches and people are happily and ignorantly paying him/her thousands and millions in the name of Tithe.



I’m not trying to support or discriminate anybody here, but the only message l have for you is “Focus On Your Mission and Belief and leave others” because If we continue antagonizing ourselves (Christians) this way, tomorrow will be more disastrous to us. Focus on your path, mission and journey! Quit preaching to people that others practicing other Religions will not inherit heaven; that’s total blasphemy against the supreme creator.