Should African Midwives Adopt This Technique To Ease Stress During Childbirth?

It’s during olden days (Stone Age) that most midwives will hit a woman who’s in labor all in a bid to ginger her spirit to Push, or probably insult her because she’s quite scared to push forth the baby.

These days, midwives have invented a mind-blowing technique that will aid the pregnant woman during labour to push forth and safely get the child out with little or no stress.


Here’s the unique technique: Get a rope, tie knots on some points on the rope and start a thug of war with the pregnant Mother. Ye! That activity will force the air down her waist to bring forth the baby smooth, safely and very easy as well.


What’s your take, should our African Midwives adopt this wonderful technique? Let’s hear from you all via theĀ Comment Section.

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