Shaneé Moret on LinkedIn shares her lifetime story

Shaneé Moret on LinkedIn has shared her lifetime story aimed at inspiring her family, friends and followers on the Job hunting platform.

The LinkedIn influencer, Shaneé Moret whose profile bio reads, “I inspire and help you GROW | Founder at Growth Academy I Marketing Strategy | Cancer Survivor” has said that her dream was not in anyway so crazy, gingering ber readers to start believing in their self.

Below is full text of what Shaneé Moret said;

Shaneé Moret on LinkedIn shares her lifetime story

“3 YEARS AGO: I was living in this apartment when I quit my 8 to 4 job…The monthly rent was only $950.00. And guess what? I still couldn’t afford it on my own. At one point, I was so behind on bills that my little sister moved in with me to help with rent.

When I quit that job, I gained the courage to bet on myself, and this “crazy” dream I couldn’t shake off… where I could make money online doing what I loved.

I wanted to live life on my terms.

The lesson: My dream wasn’t so crazy after all… The best time for you to start believing in yourself is now.


Meanwhile, dear reader, we hope this made a great impact in you. One of the best ways to excel in this lifetime journey is to follow who know the right road regularly.