Seven (7) Content Writing Tips For Writers

I Don’t Know What To Write or Post? Here Are The Seven (7) Content Writing Tips For Content Writers (Beginners and Experts Guide)

A common problem content writers – creators face is not knowing what to post, or, to experience content block.

Here is a simple solution for you!

1. Post Knowledge based Content: The idea is to provide valuable information that ultimately will help your audience. These content doesn’t necessarily need to be yours, but, always reference your source.

Use info graphics, Tips, Hacks, How To, and graphics to deliver your content.

2. Social Proof – Testimonials: Personally, I don’t fancy blowing my own trumpet. Interestingly, customers review, especially Before / After using your product could change the minds of prospects who have reservations about your product – service.

3. Contest: Create a simple contest to drive audience engagement. Contest in most cases also increase brand visibility and customers loyalty.

4. Welcome New Audience – Followers
Tag and welcome new followers – subscribers, It gives a sense of appreciation, which could lead into a cult like following.

5. Do a Q & A section; Questions and Answers are good ways to know more about your audience – customers. These knowledge helps in making business decisions. Also let your audience know you, by responding to their questions.

6. Tell a Personal story: Tell your brand story, share professional – customer experience.
Tell a story on : How you overcame a bad attitude, How you overcame certain challenges. etc…

7. Visit these sites for Topics people talk about: 
ii. Quora
iii. Reddit

Tell me in the Comments how you engage your audience, when you have nothing to post.

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Article Written By Akewusola Habib (Facebook user)

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