Coach: The Huge Break of September 17

I am affirmative, September 17th is about to be a big day for you!!! This date will mark the beginning of huge changes coming in your life for absolutely every area: your professional life, your finances, your projects, your love life, all will be able to take a big turn starting that very specific date!

To remind you, I’ve sent you two unique and mind-blowing revelation since August, 31th 2020 to tell you precisely about all the changes coming at every single level of your life for the next months, and as you see I made huge discoveries!!! September 17th will be really important for you, so it’s now really urgent that you know what these changes will be. Let me explain everything to you!

On that precise day, you will be simultaneously impacted by Mercury in square with Jupiter, Sun trining Saturn and a new moon!!! All of this combined in your sky will affect every single part of your life: your love life, your career, your finances, all your relations, your wealth, something that I know is really important to you now. Yes, this day will trigger those very important and positive changes for you. And I feel how impatient you are to enjoy the changes you really want in all those areas. You have waited enough this year for an improvement in your life.

So now it’s time to reverse everything for good. Now it’s time to make these events turn YOUR way, and it becomes possible as soon as you seize all the wonders September 17th has in store for you! So let me explain you what to do, when and how to act to seize all the amazing opportunities these changes will bring you.

I’ve analyzed deeply your astral sky and your birth chart over and over again, and I clearly saw that you, will be one of the few people who will feel the most the impacts of theses transits precisely because you are the First with Jupiter ruling you. What is about to happen will really trigger a very positive wave of changes in every aspect of your life, from your love life to your finances and your professional projects. I even checked it in your numbers, and both your life path number and your evolution number, confirmed it to me! Positive changes will happen for you in September, especially thanks to what will happen on the 17th.

So it’s primordial that you take action right now to see all the coming changes happen the way you want them to. Yes it’s time to act, it’s the perfect moment to make those changes come true. I’m 1000% about this, September 17th is absolutely unmissable for you.

You HAVE TO get prepared for it because you’re simply not expecting all the opportunities it has to bring you! Decisive encounters, important decisions, new ideas, you need to open yourself more than ever to those opportunities!! And I am here to be certain that you completely understand that you have to act and take part of the big renewal that is on the way for you!


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