See The Core Facts You Should Know About NYSC

As an undergraduate, final year student or a fresh graduate of any tertiary institution here in Nigeria, you’ll always need to be briefed (Properly Oriented) with the core-facts about the NYSC (National Youth Service Corps) programme.

In this article, we’ll carefully unravel the shocking Facts You Should Know About NYSC.

As a youth corper, always try to get to the camp early, so that you can get a good bed space, and do Registration with ease.

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The first day in camp, passport photographers would Rush you tell a particular picture background is needed for your photos (it’s not true)… From all previous camps, white or red background pics are allowed.

Participate in competitions. The competitions usually have top sponsors. First five out of ten in the competition usually get prizes.. if your platoon inspector says the prize is for the platoon, don’t fall for it.

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Be a member of your platoons admins… you’ll have big says, and influence over things. You would also be able to avoid lots of stress through that.

NYSC cap is the most stolen item in camp.. immediately you get your cap, write your state code on it

Make a pharmacist or doctor in camp your friend. When camp is getting over stressful, tell them to pls give you a note which you’ll use to skip camp lectures, activities when they become too stressful.

During the 2nd week in camp when people have stopped spending as much as the first week, always be cautious when eating from the Mini market… Check the expiry date on the items, avoid foods they will keep refrying day after day, to avoid food poisoning.

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Do not wait till the last day of camp to collect your pictures from the camera man assigned to your platoon (you’ll likely end not getting them or paying higher cause of the rush). Try to get them from the 2nd week in camp.

All the aforementioned facts are as as result of combination of experiences by ex Corp members.

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