Nursing Profession Well Defined

Majority of the people mostly have that wrong idea or misc*nception about Nursing profession as they feel that most of the nurses in hospitals are into prost*tution businesses to earn a living, but it’s wrong!


Most people always say that even if they should marry a nurse, she will quit her job – while others said that most of the ladies into the profession do not have a wom b stating that it’s usually hard for them (those ladies) to conceive (getting pregnant).



  1. Nurses are unique.
  2. Nurses are beautiful.
  3. Nurses are smart.
  4. Nurses are great.
  5. Nurses are caring.
  6. Nurses are epitome of humility.
  7. Nurses are epitome of service.
  8. Nurses are called to serve humanity.
  9. Nurses Are Helpers.
  10. Nurses Are Those Who Risk Their Health To Save Others (Patients).
  11. Nurses Posses Therapeutic Smile.
  12. Nurses Posses Healing Hands.
  13. Nurses are your true-friends.
  14. Nurses Are Fearless Activists.
  15. Nurses Are God’s Representatives.




Nurses deserves to be respected, as they assist doctors in keeping us medicaly updated because medical scientist are equally Engineers as they always engage in the thorough checking and repairing of our demolished Bodies.


Nurses are specially ordained to save humanity from pain which are caused by sickness.