Satoshi coin (BTCs) targeting to be second Bitcoin

Satoshi coin well referred to as BTCs, with over 23m mobile app downloads is targeting to be second Bitcoin as stated on the crypto’s WhitePaper.

Use of GiftCard on BTCs Satoshi is once for all time, then you can be giving out yours to your referrals or newbies who haven’t used it before to boost their MyHash from 100.00k to 130.00k

You gain 1k to your MyHash when a newbie uses your GiftCard. While the newbie Gets 30k to his/her MyHash.

Satoshi coin – BTCs is decentralized crypto developed to be a medium of peer-to-peer exchange. The mobile mining and distribution is completely free and fair.

Steps to Register on Satoshi BTCs;

Registration link:

Click on the registration link to register and verify your email address.

Download the App after registration, login and do identity verification. What you need for identity verification is full name, 11-digit of your NIN and start face verification ✅

BTCs telegram group – join for HashCard exchanges and general information about the project.

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