Safemoon vs Binance — Update On Delayed Listing

Safemoon – the new cryptocurrency taking the market by storm – continues to soar in popularity since its April launch, and has over 1.7 million holders.


Thus far, there has been many controversies surrounding Safemoon regarding its strength to survive the cryptocurrency market storm, and its delayed listing on Binance – cryptocurrency exchange that provides a platform for trading various cryptocurrencies.

A Nigerian brand manager and crypto enthusiast, identified as, Akara Oku, has made a great revelation over this;

According to him, “Since the launch 🚀 of SAFEMOON in April, we have listed on about 8 crypto exchange platforms but CEO of Binance have been giving us this cold attitude. Like is it jealousy? He wants us to beg him to list us? Just in 75days of existence we have about 1.7million people holding this coin.

“Safemoon has taken up the challenge. We are not licking anybody’s ass in this crypto ecosystem.


“Safemoon is not begging Binance to list it on its exchange. It’s a challenge and diss well received: So to put actions to our resolve, Safemoon did a $1million dollar fund raising for our own wallet (SAFEMOON WALLET), we raised over $1.4m in three days. 😂😂😂😂

“Our Safemoon wallet is undergoing the last beta testing before we launch it to all Safemoon investors.This is how to chase a dream bro. If them no wan sell fuel give you, buy the whole gas ⛽️ station in the state. That is what Safemoon is going to do in the world of crypto.

“We have kick started the development of our own cryptocurrency exchange platform. This is going to be the biggest in the world with lowest gas or network fee.


“Binace should brace up for the competition and we are taking over.

“Binance gave us a condescending look and we are taking that as an insult.

“It’s our energy and we are going to shatter the crypto space with mind blowing achievements across the globe. Now Binace CEO CZ saw how safemoon is crushing every obstacle and taking over, he is now saying he will list safemoon if we indicate interest. 😂😂😂😂

“The safemoon community gave him the middle finger 🖕 (fuck u), we don’t need it anymore. We are floating the biggest and seamless crypto exchange platform in the whole world 🌎.

“Abeg the safemoon team are bunch of crazy dudes. Their dreams are too big and I love the way they attain it to the shock of the world and doubters.

“So far safemoon has over 1.7million holders. Ranks above Bitcoin on crypto market watch list. We are less than two months old. Victory is for those who never gives up!!!”

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