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BREAKING: Nigeria Got A WhatsApp Challenger, set to take the lead in Messaging, Offering Fres Online and Offline Calls/Calling – the SoftTalk Messenger App | Nigeria’s Messaging App

Words from the Developer of SoftTalk Messenger App: Keep Soft Talking, Soft chatting and Soft shopping.

Latest Reviews/ Reports on SoftTalk Messenger | Nigeria’s Messaging App via Google Playstore.

SoftTalk Communication Ltd

Features of SoftTalk Messenger App:

— SoftTalk Messenger – Nigeria’s Messaging App (SoftTalk Communication Ltd Communication is compatible with all devices.

— SoftTalk Messenger App allows users to Chat, make FREE audio and video calls and shop genuine products and services.

— The SoftTalk Messaging App: Connect with friends and family using Soft Talk instant messaging, voice calls, or video chats. Choose a contact from your phone book or simply enter a phone number to add a new contact on Soft Talk messenger.

— SoftTalk Messenger App enables users to Send a voice note, or take advantage of the other amazing features that Soft Talk offers beyond just free messages! Share photos and videos, enjoy emoji icons, record audio messages, and even send files.


Call Packages on SoftTalk Messenger App:

— The SoftTalk Messenger app gives Free Calls to the US/Canada/UK, Japan, India, Singapore etc…

— With SoftTalk messenger, You can subscribe to available packages to call mobile and landline for free monthly. Simply select your choice of destinations and start calling mobile direct.. That’s it! When you exceed your free monthly subscription, you may purchase credit to call the world.


Premium Calls on SoftTalk Messenger (Messaging) App:

— While SoftTalk to SoftTalk Calls are always free, you can call the world with our super low rate tarif to Pakistan, Nigeria, Ghana, India, Nepal, Japan, US/Canada etc, using our Premium route that delivers your exact caller ID to your receiver. Add credit to your wallet to start calling the world right now.


Group chat platforms on SoftTalk Messenger App:

— With SoftTalk messenger, it’s easy to create and join group chats – Chat in a group with your favorite people, classmates, family and friends.

— Whether you’re looking for a quality brand new or used phone, the longest battery life or accessories, there’s always something for you on SoftTalk Messenger, the first Nigeria’s Messaging app which enables users to not just chat but shop for quality controlled products and services.


Words from the Developer of SoftTalk Messenger App: Keep Soft Talking, Soft chatting and Soft shopping.


Reviews on SoftTalk Messenger | Nigeria’s Messaging App:

Asegbe Joshua said; (June 29, 2020) On SoftTalk Messenger App, the chats and voice call is very ok. But picture quality for video calls are so so poor. If only the designers can fix that. It will be one of the best social media apps. *Fix the video call picture quality and brightness levels… Cus even a bright day looks like night via the video calls. *Fix it …

  • SoftTalk Communication Ltd (July 1, 2020) Thank you for your kind feedback. You may want to check your phone and its settings critically as we can not replicate your issue.

Chinenye Victoria said; (June 9, 2020) On SoftTalk Messenger, I have never experienced a stress free app as this, very clear HP picture, the video and sound are perfect. No blurry or cracks when I speak with my mum and some family members who lives in the rural area. I am satisfied and very impressed. Good job soft talk. I am proud this app is ours.

  • SoftTalk Communication Ltd (June 14, 2020) Thank you for downloading our app! We will keep working on it!

Timothy Opurum said; (March 20, 2020) The SoftTalk Messenger is a Wonderful app with crystal clear HD video. Why I love this app is that I can call my mother who lives in the rural area on her mobile line even though her mobile phone does not support the installation of the Soft Talk app. But, the deveoplers need to do something about the high cost of calling netw…

  • SoftTalk Communication Ltd (March 22, 2020) Thank you for your feedback. Our Nigeria rate is about the lowest in the industry. Please take a look once again on other destinations by going to; Settings > e-Wallet > Premium Call rates.

Julius Mboli said (April 9, 2020); SoftTalk Messenger | Nigeria’s Messaging App is the best for me. I have always wanted something like this. Very good video quality and crystal clear voice call and some small amount of credit, you call people not using the app. Above all, it amazingly use less data. I will invite all on my contract and social network to use this app.

  • SoftTalk Communication Ltd (April 10, 2020); Hi, thank you very much for your feedback.

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