Reviews on Googler Orchestra founded in 2016

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The Googler Orchestra was founded in 2016 and quickly became a Google institution.

Participant on Googler Orchestra [Reviews]

Members rehearsed weekly and hosted performances on a quarterly basis for the rest of the company to enjoy.

When Googlers started working from home, the Googler Virtual Orchestra was born. Today over a hundred members of the Orchestra chime in from their home offices to perform together.

It presents a logistical challenge: Googlers record their parts individually and then edit the footage together into one track. But it’s all worth it, providing Googlers a way to keep collaborating with fellow musicians at work and sharing their music Google-wide. 🎺🎻🎶

As Googler Nancy Kwong Yuen put it: “WFH has allowed me to swap my 3+ hour commute with time to create and play music … this has brought me such happiness and peace.”

Reviews on Googler Orchestra

Googler Alex Adamczyk added: “Playing with the WFH Orchestra allows me to connect with Googlers and the orchestral community that I love, even though we all interact through our monitors now.”

What’s next for the Googler Orchestra? More work-from-home performances, potentially adding other instruments or even a choir! Head to our blog to watch a Googler Orchestra performance and learn about other Googler creative WFH pursuits ➡️

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