Review & Revisit Your Application

Reviewing of all JOB Vacancies Applications previously submitted via JOB Recruitment Portal. Let’s use this medium to show you certain mistakes detected from/on applications we received which prompted us to inform you to Review and Revisiting the application you submitted.


While forwarding a mail, what you MUST do when a JOB Advertisement instructs you to use ‘Role’ as Subject of the Mail: When you see it, here’s what to do to be very sure about it getting a callback from the recruiter. Properly check the E-mail that was Specified on the Application Procedure by the recruiter to forward your CVs, because we have been receiving different mails on the wrong address.


Always have it in mind that Recruiters might have multiple roles and that subject of the mail is what they will use to search for your CV in their emails. Failure to do this is a quick recipe to never get a callback.


This is for all of you who are always in a hurry when applying for JOBS. Please calmly read and know the steps to review and revisit the application you previously submitted:


  • Locate the Search Box at the bottom row of the Webpage.
  • Input the exact JOB Position or Job title which you previously submitted your application.
  • Then, click on search.


Please do remember that, if you have initially applied/submitted your application on Facebook, do ensure to search for the same JOB Type and complete your application. You can also visit the category for JOBS here for easy search.



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