Religion: Man Flogs His Grandma Over Pastor’s Claim That She’s A Witch

Man flogs grandma on allegations that she’s a witch masterminding the retardation to his success

The internet and social media users are still in great surprise over the recent trend of a young man who took it upon himself to punish his grand mother by flogging her over his pastor’s claim/ prophecy of the aged woman being a witch.



On the video shared by a twitter user, identified asΒ jeromeabba‘,Β the man is seen hitting her mother with a cane outside their home of which he did so on grounds that she’s hindering his success.


Equally, jeromeabba who made the tweet, used the caption: “Would you flog your mother or grand mother because of witch craft?πŸ™„πŸ€”
Was this act appropriate?🀦
Did she deserve it?πŸ€”



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