Ways Of Attracting Good Husband

Sometime ago, I read a story from a lady that inspired me to write this article as the lady said that, it gives her concern that she is yet to settle down at her age. Just like how courageous she was, others out there sincerely have dream of getting married, but hardly express it due to fear of being termed desperate by men. Though, there’s nothing wrong with such dream.


In this article, I’ll elaborate on the topic as initially stated. I will be using the advice that Naomi gave Ruth her daughter which made her to attract and marry Boaz who’s wealthy and God-fearing man. I will commence by stating this clear; it’s not your job to look for a husband as a lady, rather a man’s duty – this is because only few men appreciate ladies that shoot the shot first.



Another is, so that you won’t loose your value or look cheap because a man is a searcher, and he values what he obtained by some effort. Your work as the lady is to be attractive and available. Here’s how you can attract a responsible man without being seen as desperate or cheap person.



1. Always look good in appearance; by your dressing, manner of approach and behavior while associating with people.

2. Work towards been a prayerful person.

3. Learn of ways of been available when your presence is needed.

4. Work of your personal development to upgrade your personality and how the people see you. 



Which other necessary factors do you know? You can comment let’s know.

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