Reasons Why Establishing A #Business Is Better Than Getting A #Job

Businesses versus jobs well defined.

I will like to run a highlight or rather brief explanation on how Businesses are more preferred to jobs, more especially in this 21st Century of Computer Age and many firms, organizations and companies are fasting moving into use of Robots.



Recall that, every year – our tertiary institutions’ produces millions of fresh graduates of which greater number of those graduates already have the ‘I NEED A JOB‘ mindset as they approach labour market, and in this scenario – only few of them are likely to be offered a job. Hence, of the few – some got an offer which worth it whereas some see it as manageable stuff while others had no other option than to take the offered job in a bid to raise funds for themselves and family.



Nevertheless, from my own point of view – obtaining a business for oneself should be better or rather say ‘the best’ and more preferable to getting a job (probably working in firms, companies or organizationz). From the best of my knowledge, here are outlined reasons to backup my claims beyond reasonable doubt:-


1. In running a #business, you got to showcase alot with your talent, creative attitude, passion for it so as to make it bigger as time goes, whereas #Job is majorly or strictly an agreement between an employer and his or her employee with the sole purpose to work using his influence
repeatedly and later be paid on daily basis or weekly basis or monthly basis as agreed.



2. Business is what you get involved with unquestionable passion and
you are always craving to do more whereas Job is what you do (though passion might be involved) solely for the salary involved.


3. Business is an attribute deposited in oneself accompanying the labor made, and also the putting together of potential ability(ies) so as to
be successful WHILE Job is lending out your potential which is solely done for the stipend (salary) which you’ll obtain later.



4. You are definitely your very own boss in your business, risk of getting sacked is missing always as it gives chances of survivor in life WHILE Job is strictly employment opportunity.



5. #Businesses are not rare because people never run out of ideas, but #jobs are usually scarce to obtain.



In summary of this article based on why businesses are better and preferred to jobs; business restores a whole lot of happy moments, unlike job in most scenario.