Reactions as IPOB dares Nigerian Government, says “Eastern Security Network” has come stay (Video)

The Indigenous People Of Biafra (IPOB) has reportedly informed the Nigerian Government that the newly established security outfit, Eastern Security Network (ESN) has come to stay.

IPOB has informed the Nigerian Government that the security outfit, Eastern Security Network has come to stay.

The Eastern Security Network is a team of Volunteers who took upon themselves under the supervision of Nnamdi Kanu’s IPOB to protect the boundaries of Biafraland against insecurity and incessant killings of farmers and raping of mothers in their farmlands by suspected Fulani Herdsmen.

A lot of reactions has trailed this move and here are few we’ve found informative and worthy to be shared;

Engr A.E Chukwuemeka wrote; “I love this ESN machine and the officer, God punish blood suckers! My blood is hot Oh jareh, You want us to fold our hands and watch as we will be slaughtered in our sleep as it has been happening in the north? Not possible!!!”

Sylvester Sunny Nwodo wrote; “My greatest joy is that, we don’t need seaport to ship arms or airport to import arms… BIAFRA MANUFACTURE THEIR ARMS IN BIAFRA….. If our fathers could manufacture OGBUNIGWE that shook the world on 1967 on their own, imagine what their Children could produce on their own in 2020……..Guys, all the power arms you looking at are all made in BIAFRA…. very very dangerous.”

Obeya Barthy commented; “The only thing Buhari govt is doing with all the resources in his disposal is to keep Nigeria from dividing. Even if his boys kill everyone in it so long as Nigeria is not split into two he’s ok. They (he) hate to hear things like this bcz it gives them (him) goosebumps and phobia.”

Prince T.A Felix commented; “If the Nigerian government can’t protect its citizens, there’s no crime for the citizens seeking a more viable and sure way of protecting themselves as far as it’s lawful. If Isbah, Amotekun are allowed, nothing is wrong with the formation of the South-Eastern security outfit.”

Abubabakar Yusuf commented; “Let everyone protect themselves,South East Governor’s are so weak. You should be Thankful someone set up security outfits for you guys the so called Governor’s.”

John Nweze commented; “ESN [Eastern Security Network] shouldn’t mind the critics. December is a seriously challenging season in the South East. You guys should do your job. You pose no threat or danger to anyone on legitimate business but the criminals (kidnappers, rapists, burglars, arsonists, ritual killers, cultists etc) are all put on notice that Eastern Nigeria is a no operation zone. He who is surrounded by the enemies, keeps watch over his life all the time.”

Stanley Uchenna Dike; “I dreamed that Nigeria Governments attacked this guys and they got angry and start DESTROYING all the OIL PIP LINE. Hmmmm those that can’t do without their oil well started speaking out, and wen they called Nnamdi Kanu to offer him Pip line guard and he said no, that NIGER DELTA should take charge of their pipelines and not to be a security for their oil. Hmmmm e don bus be that . 😂🤣😂”

Muyiwa Adaralegbe; “Now the Southeastern should know that their problem is their leaders not the Northerners. The northerners are playing game (Politics) while your leaders are beneficial at the expensive of your freedom. A rich politician in the east will never support IPOB and every of their activities.”

OmoYoruba Oduduwa; “There are so many people with different views and opinions concerning the recent activities of ESN [Eastern Security Network] setup by IPOB [Indigenous People Of Biafra] leader [Mazi Nnamdi Kanu].

“Since the establishment of ESN, This Young Men have been showcasing their power and intelligence for the world to see… mostly for Nigeria govt to humble themselves and seek for peaceful Negotiations for #ReferendumNow.

“ESN just tested Made in Biafra Rocket capable of striking their enemies… but what I’m not sure is that , can the rocket be controlled to hit a specific target. I saw RPG destroyer capable of striking any Military vehicles including tanks and bringing down war planes.

“Sincerely speaking the destiny of Black race it’s in Biafra land. It’s time Oduduwas must prove to be part of the true sons and daughters of Almighty God as well. I’m aware of Intelligent personal from Oduduwa.

“ESN is doing great work towards ensuring better security for Eastern region… But so many people are questioning ESN power and Activities.

“Some said why must they showcase their readiness and weapons during their training or testing. Brother’s and Sister’s with weakness… everyone of us know North Korea, without these nation showcasing their military power… America would have captured them and destroy them.

“The world is afraid of North Korea today it’s because of heavy weapons they possess as a nation.

“Therefore ESN Continues upgrading Your military capabilities and make sure you add nuclear warheads capable of hitting every measure institution that allows Nigeria to continue exiting has a country.

“If the one Nigeria people really want to keep their riches , they will call the attention of the govt to allow #ReferendumNow unfortunately they will not. It’s a great privilege for me to wetness the last miracle in human history. Sorry for the grammatical errors…

“Brother’s and Sister’s with weakness, let’s make history together. I’m proud to be Oduduwa son who always like writing about Biafra agitations.”

Engr Amy Evelyn Chukwuemeka; “When they keep trampling on people’s right believing they can do nothing. They dare not try rubbish with those guys. The pain of the civil war and massacre of our brother’s in IPOB is still very fresh. A lot of silent volunteers are on standby. My Mom’s only brother was hounded to the war, less than a week the war was over. Neither him nor his corpse was seen till today. My Mom’s lamentation is not going off my head. They dare not be unfortunate and push people beyond the wall.”

Watch Phase IV Video of Eastern Security Network as they begins Operation;