Is Legitimate Website To Ask Question And Get Paid

First published and publicized on Mentorslinks through our verification analytics regarding the a newly launched website/ blog that participants get paid to ask questions. Currently, Quest community is the first legitimate and website that pays participants to ask a question in Nigeria.


JOB Recruitment Portal
JOB Recruitment Portal


  • How to ask a question and get paid?
  • How to earn money by asking a question?
  • Which website pays to ask a question?
  • How to make money online answering question?
  • Ask a question and get paid in Nigeria?
  • If you are asking any of the above questions, you are in the right place.


What is Quest community all about?

  • Quest community a social Question & Answers platform where we share & grow the world’s knowledge! We want to connect people who have the knowledge to the people who need it. The platform is also integrated with a point earning system just like the old NNU activities earning but not with FREE earning till infinity to maintain stability and longevity.


What’s the cost and how do I get started?

  • Registration is absolutely FREE at no cost. Simply click on the Sign up button to register for FREE. You will get 700 points as a sign up bonus, which you can use to ask your first question. 500 points for 1 question and that will earn you ₦100 once your question gets approved.


So, what type of question can I ask to earn money?

  • You can ask any question, anything, a question that bothers you. Any questions from any niche or category are accepted, except s*x related and R0MANSE. Just make your question explanatory, avoid using 1, 2 to 3 words as question or topic. Make sure your question is relevant, meaningful and reasonable for fast approval.



How much can I earn and cash out?

  • 500 points per question approved will earn you ₦100. You can earn as much as you want with available points you have and minimum accumulated earning cash out is ₦5,000.


Please, how can I get more points? Is there any way to earn more points or any way to buy points?

  • YES. Check other ways to earn more point here However, if you wish, you can buy more points to fast rack your earning process.


How much is the point, and how can I buy it?

  • The minimum point you can buy is from 10,000 points and above;

10,000 points = ₦1,000
20,000 points = ₦2,000
30,000 points = ₦3,000
40,000 points = ₦4,000
50,000 points = ₦5,000 After this, you can be using your NNU wallet fund to purchase more points if you are NNU member with pending earning.
60,000 points = ₦6,000
70,000 points = ₦7,000
80,000 points = ₦8,000 etc… To buy point, WhatsApp message to:


When and how can I cash out my earnings?

  • You can cash out at any time once you have earned up to the maximum withdrawal of ₦5,000 and your money will be sent to you within a few hours to 24 hours.


Is this LEGIT? I hope it’s not Scam?

  • Okay, you will be the one to give an answer to that later. A trier will convince you. There is no way you can feel the taste of a delicious soup without tasting it with your tongue. Register for FREE now to enjoy this online earning opportunity while you thank me later. Hope to see you in the member area.


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