[MUST READ] Prove That Everything In The Universe Has A Rhythmic Bond

Can you feel the rhythm? Everything in the universe is emitting certain frequency, as if the each and everything is singing or chanting something.


Australian astrophysicists have devised a technique to eavesdrop on the distant whispers of merging black holes.


There is a continuous collision of black holes and stars somewhere in the Universe, creating ripples called gravitational waves through the fabric of spacetime.


According to the Travis Metcalfe of The National Center for Atmospheric Research, β€œSound waves travel into the star and bring information up to the surface, which Kepler can see as a tiny flickering in brightness of the star,” Such stellar symphony or Kepler chorus is recorded, which can help pin down the properties of planets, predict the future of our own sun and solve century-old stellar mysteries.


Everything runs in certain harmony and rhythm, the cyclic movement of earth, sun and other planets, has effects on life on earth.


The more we are in rhythm and harmony, the better we feel physically and mentally. Nature does not prefer chaos.


What are your thoughts?


Article By: Ambreen Nadeem

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