‘Prophetic’ Analytical Predictions of the year 2021 and Divine Intelligence To Withstand The Famine of the Coming Year

‘Prophetic’ Analytical Predictions of the year 2021 and Divine Intelligence To Withstand The Famine of the Coming Year….


Here are my 10 predictions about 10 aspects of our lives in the new year. Please calm down as you read.


2021 is only a calendar new year but it is not a New Season. Seasons are not dependent on the calendar…. Seasons are dependent on the reality of the times…. Don’t let anyone lie to you that 2021 is a new season… Those prophetic words sometimes are mere wishes….most times, they intentionally excite you with such empty prophecies in order to penetrate your wallet…. In truth, 2021 is going to look much like 2020 and mainstream media will increase their campaign for the ‘new normal’.
If you follow this page, you should be like the sons of Issachar who studied the seasons and understood times beyond the calendar.

  1. China-Africa Economy
    Many intelligent platforms are projecting the massive growth of China’s economy in the coming months. I have advised multiple times that China is a better partner to Africa than the West. Don’t fall for Western Propaganda… Don’t let American politics consume your mind. Be driven by intelligent research and analytical thinking. Don’t also listen to the conspiracy theories that China 🇨🇳 will buy up Africa and establish military stations across Africa. For your information, America already has military bases all over Africa so what’s the big deal? Hear this – no country in the world can buy up another sovereign nation and it doesn’t matter how much indebted that country is to the bigger country.
    For those of you who don’t know – America owes China about One Trillion Dollars… Nigeria owes only 3 Billion dollars. Do the mathematics and you will calm down.

I encourage Africans to trade more with China. Embrace the Chinese. God is raising China for Africa but Africa can’t see it. Check your home right now, almost everything you own came in from China. Do you know why? They are made with Africa at heart – affordability. An African-Chinese partnership will grow Africa more in this new decade than receiving free dollars in the name of relief funds from the West.

  1. Massive Unemployment
    Unemployment rate will rise in 2021. This will be caused by a rising dependence on Robotic Process Automation (RPA) in corporates. The wisdom for this season is to acquint yourself with the basic principles of Freelancing. You should start preparing to sell your skills on freelancer platforms like www.saharaskills.com
    This is also the best time to Sharpen your entrepreneurial skills – every season comes with unique problems which are golden opportunities to those who can provide solutions. Entrepreneurship is not about making money first, it is about solving problems. Start now to think of how to solve the problems created by the pandemic and you will be on your way to wealth in the new year.

  2. Religion
    Many more people will continue to find loopholes in religion and religious leaders. In 2021, many people will move from blind faith to awakened consciousness. 100,000 seater auditoriums will become studios from where Religious leaders and his media crew will continue to hold virtual church services.
    Religion will clash with government as new legislation will prohibit religious leaders from discouraging people from taking the vaccines.

  3. The Vaccine
    The major focus of 2021 will be the Covid-19 vaccines. Vaccines will dominate the headlines. Social media will increase censorship of misinformation and conspiracy theories about vaccines. Alternative social media networks which will promise more freedom of speech will rise. The internet will be extremely censored.

  4. Healthcare

A new disease will become popular.
Covid-19 will have both a cure and Vaccines.
Research into HIV etc vaccines will be accelerated with the new RNA vaccine technology.
Mental health will become a major problem across the world, leading to increase in suicide rates.
My advice: take care of your mental health in 2021.

  1. People
    2021 is going to be the most lonely year you’ve ever experienced. More human beings are going to be lonely from loss of their family or their partner. New AI technologies will provide company for lonely humans.

My advice: Be intentional in forming social bonds because you may need people in 2021 more than you need money.

  1. Virtual Presence
    Physical presence will continue to be discouraged while social Distancing will become a new culture. The world will conduct business, schooling, religion and even family activities through Virtual Presence.
    Teleconferencing will continue to be the new normal.
    My advice: Start looking for opportunities in virtual technologies.

  2. E-commerce
    In 2021, More people will shop online than anytime in human history. 2021 is going to be the boom of e-commerce.

My advice: Don’t create online shops. Find a way to sell on existing online marketplaces like eBay, Amazon etc.

  1. Politics
    2021 will be a game changer to the political landscape. Many countries will attempt to change the way they campaign and vote thus becoming vulnerable to massive electoral malpractice and errors.

These are written to give you a peep into the near future. Most analysts agree with some of the points published here. Arm yourself with information and you will be prepared to conquer the new year. I wish you all the best in the new year.



Charles Awuzie of Gemsbok Group