Proper Insight On Impacts of COVID-19 Pandemic Ravaging Nations

Proper Insight On Impacts of The COVID-19 Pandemic Ravaging Nations

A proper insight on the impacts of a pandemic will not be gotten without good understanding of what the pandemic is, and it’s origination.

COVID-19 simply stands for Corona-Virus-disease-2019 which represents the year in which the disease incepted and became widespread. It is an infectious disease caused by a newly discovered Corona-Virus: This “Pandemic”- which is a word used to describe “Any disease that spreads over a whole country or across continents to the whole world,” began telling on lives in a village situated in a technocratic nation – China, where despite her advanced level of scientific reasoning it is not seen as a health hazard to eat live animals. Without dwelling much on the origin of COVID-19 or its aborigines, it is of dire importance to point out elaborately the salient points, being the impacts of this pandemic.


China is known to be the world’s largest economic power. This known alongside the fact that the deadly pandemic, COVID-19 originated from the same country, it is clear that a whole lot of negative effect to not just the host country but as well to the world at large who look up to this great nation – China would be recorded, as a good amount already lay in the records.


First, the integrity of the great nation, China. China having become a nation with the fastest growing economy in the world since the 1980s with an average annual growth rate of 10 percent from 1978-2005, it is no news that the world at large depend on her for nearly everything. If not China is not needed in production, then she would be in post-production, if not in the aforementioned aspects then surely her services would be needed in either of import, export and consultancy.


All that said, nevertheless, as a popular saying holds; “Life comes first.” Since the inception of the COVID-19, suddenly the name “China” which once represented business, friendship, civilization and most of all economic power, has now turned out to be a taboo wherever it is mentioned. China has become a scar vividly noticed in every nook and cranny of the world.  COVID-19, the mother of viruses came along with a sword which truly has torn deeply into the integrity of the world’s Giant of Economy.


Further doing well in the “letdown” course is the rumour of China purposefully and purposely producing the COVID-19, making use of the world as laboratory rats, and just to mitigate suspicion, allowed its effect on only a little part of their land.

Another huge blow from the COVID-19 outbreak is the resultant effect of China touching lives of over 4 billion homo-sapiens throughout the world – HUNGER. China in one way or the other feeds the economy of various world countries. This reality can be drawn from the illustration in the previous paragraph. China being the host nation of the COVID-19 would surely take actions towards the actualization of a cure for this disease which seems irremediable, and in so doing makes the world economy come to a stand still.


COVID-19, brought to the world’s awareness by senior medical learned practitioners, is a viral disease that spreads by contact between human and surfaces or human consumption of certain animals. This been brought to the knowledge of the world, to curb it’s spread, world leaders had no option than to restrict movement in and out of their states. This included both physical goods and humans. Nations gradually began going into isolation, away from each other. As much as all the necessary preventive measures were being put in place and in use, this in turn was telling on the world’s economy. “A nation surely cannot have it all,” and this definitely would prove its credibility with time.


Like a palmist, religious personalities from far and wide joined in the queue of prophecy to let the world know that the deadly pandemic, COVID-19 was way deadlier than imagined. One even went further to forecast a date for the pandemic’s extinction, which, with time though did not prove to be much of a plausible one.


However, as rightly foretold like a horoscoper who has not lost his horoscopic connection, the angry fangs of death started to close up on earthly beings. The viral disease began embarking on a widespread tour around the globe. To the terror of earthlings this disease had its way of crossing both national and continental boundaries. In leaps and bounds this deadly disease went into shooting up the world’s mortality rate.


It is known that when a Plan A fails, a Plan B is put into use. World leaders having seen that despite the isolation on country levels, the travel bans, the travel history checks when symptoms of the COVID-19 virus which include; dry cough, fever, tiredness and aches, nasal congestion, runny nose, sore throat and diarrhoea, in some, starts to surface, death was still being recorded a great deal, a more closed up measure had to be put in place. Then came the “lockdown”.


Lockdown, being the confinement of people in their homes or cells as a security measure after a turbulence, became the following impact of the COVID-19 pandemic which seems to have come for a long stay. The idea of “lockdown” unknown to a number of countries, has presented itself a Pandora’s box to the government having on the inside of it one of the deadliest diseases – “hunger”. As much as the government is only trying to do the masses who looks up to them as gods, good, ironically they have inflicted a seemingly worse-than-corona virus disease upon them. Seeing that no one except the medical centers and banks was allowed to operate, it was impossible for all to have enough food sufficient through the lockdown period which did not seem to be coming to a stop soon.


Furthermore, the hunger which was birthed by the sudden lockdown, in return has resulted in increased robbery rate in nations such as; Nigeria where over 69 percent of her population lives below the poverty line. Price hikes however, have been a totally supportive factor for the incessant robberies. Since no one is allowed to be anywhere outside their homes, the ones who manages to break that law would not sell at nearly affordable prices. A number of stubborn as a mule populace who has even gone as far as getting goods across states within, or peradventure without the country tend to inflate prices by over 300 percent. Due to the distressing inflation, the average, below average and extremely poor citizens are at a starving end. This births the robbery.


Moreover, inasmuch as the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak came along with perturbative effects there seem to be a few advantages it parturiated. Ever since the pandemic came into limelight the world over suddenly deems it necessary to; constantly wash hands, eat fruits and vegetables, make frequent use of antibacterial soaps, and no longer beauty soaps, constant using of Sanitizers, drinking more of warm water and less or no cold water at all. All these were once neglected to no end, but has suddenly become a worldwide ritual.


In addendum, noticeably occuring is everyone showcasing survival abilities. The world; both rich and poor now live, not to showcase wealth or strength but to survive with what is left and peradventure what the government dispatches.


Conclusively and indubitably, COVID-19 pandemic outbreak has, and still is successfully drawing majority closer to their maker, as many believe that it is the end of the world.

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