Principles You Must Adopt In Your #Business

Every #Business have rules and regulations which guides and enables it to function and flourish. These set rules can equally be called Principles.



THE EXCITEMENT PRINCIPLE: This is the kickoff phase where everything in you is happy that you have started. At this point you have defeated that low self-esteem or rather say the fear of not starting at all, and many people are happy for you.


THE SECTION OF CHALLENGES: In the this section, you are already expecting much. You expect to sell all you have or to make big money within
little time, but the environment and other circumstances tells you NO, stating that it does not work that way.


THE QUITING OR CONTINUATION POINT: This is the point were you face the reality in that type or kind of that particular business. Competition comes in, criticisms and all the likes stare at your face, and you
feel like you are tired, but truth be told – if you have passion for the #JOB or #BUSINESS, you’ll fight that critical condition and survive the challenges.


GROWTH AND MATURITY: At this point you are now strong,people know and notice you in the business.your competitors knows and agreed
that you have come to stay with or without challenges.


FINANCIAL FREEDOM: This is a very good place to be but very dangerous.
At this point,the young entrepreneurs look at you as their mentor, so you can not afford to make mistake at the top
you stay in the business. Though you have enough money to spend for the rest of your life but your decisions become a voice in the heart of so many people.



Some people clap their hands for you when you tell your story while some are waiting for your fall. Apart these ones, which other necessary business principles should be adopted, let’s hear from you all via the COMMENT SECTION.