Potentials On Entrepreneurship Studies

Entrepreneurship is creation of value, the willingness and ability of an individual to seek out investment opportunities and set up an enterprise successfully based on such opportunities.

Potentials On Entrepreneurship Studies


As time goes by and by, interaction is engaged in. Via these interactions we come in contact with people who change our lives, who impact us in one way or the other both positively and negatively.


Lessons are learnt and from these lessons especially the ones learnt with regrets we tend to experience a light of change in our way of reasoning. The need to become a better you rises and self development becomes a necessity worth hungering for.


The fact that the world’s changing from what it used to be to an advanced one becomes a reality undeniable. The fact that we need to put our talents, skills,values and abilities together to make the best out of the advancing world becomes tremendously necessary. Among all that it entails is being at least among the top 20% regarded as colossal, intellectuals, stars who earn and enjoy 80% of the riches and rewards resulting from hard work especially during the period of advancement wherein things get difficult. All these necessities boils down to the importance what is generally regarded as the giant. What do I call giant? Entrepreneurship.



  • Entrepreneurship is the act of creating a business which you can call your own while building and scaling it to generate a profit.
  • Entrepreneurship is the willingness and ability of an individual to seek out investment opportunities and set up an enterprise successfully based on such opportunities.
  • Entrepreneurship involves value creation, making of sacrifices, putting in efforts ( hard work), time and resource and amongst others the bearing of risks to achieve its objective function. In the same vein, its worthy of note to know that entrepreneurship is what people do to take their dreams,skills,talent and abilities into their hands and lead it in the direction of their own choice. Its about living a life on your own terms without any form of interference.



  • Individuals who engage in entrepreneurship are no doubt called enterpreneurs. They start up something that most times don’t end up the way it started because of the levels of development encountered.
  • They are persons who perceive opportunities and creates strategies to pursue it. They are those who are said to take control of their future and be self employed whether by creating their own business or working as a team to do so.
  • In the verge of an advancing world, they see the need to be innovative and solution finders rather than the average person who only sees the problem. This is the reason why they are regarded as giants.
  • They are intellectuals who tend to think out of the box unlike every other person, take action geared towards making their lives soothing to the world as it advances. They are leaders and this results in their being at the top having dived headlong into a venture of their own, worked hard long hours often alone, carved out a path of success and never ever giving up.




  1. Employment generation: Entrepreneurship is the saviour of the society in the stance of an advancing world. This is because its an avenue through which opportunities are created to alienate poverty and alleviate the average and poor.
  2. It improves the standard of living on the part of the entrepreneur and the society at large.
  3. It promotes capital formation thereby improving the economy of the country.
  4. It reflects overall development thus being an advantage to the society generally.
  5. Self reliance: To the enterpreneur basically it brings about self reliance as he /she lives solely dependent on himself without any form of external interference or embarrassment. These and many more are the importance of entrepreneurship which makes it worthy to be regarded as a giant across the globe.


Entrepreneurship is brought to bear via certain skills which includes: determination,focus, leadership,talent acquisition and zealousness amongst others.


Problems are seen by humans, solutions are found by visionaries but entrepreneurship makes people go out and do something about these solutions found.


As Scott Belsky rightly highlights” Its not about the idea, it’s about making the idea happen”.


On this, everyone is duely advised to go for it as its an asset whose value can never depreciate.

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