[Poem] Awakened Love Of The Subconscious Mind

Hey readers across the globe, we’ve got a super-amazing poem that’ll make you feel good. The poem titled “Awakened Love Of The Subconscious Mind” is coming from Nusrat Zahan.


Read and be delighted🤗




  • We are #departed ways, still, our #love is alive.
  • When I’m alone, I can still remember those #sweet #memories that never can #fade away. when I #walk alone; I feel that you are just next to me.
  • when I sleep; I can feel your #touch.
  • Feel my #heart with love from the sunlight. I’m living life with awakened love of my #subconscious #mind. Make your love of own #essence.
  • My love for you won’t fade simply !!! I lost you but your memories still live in my heart and I #enjoy every moment of life aren’t just with you but because of you.
  • Dip into my own soul, find out my own truth. my heart #beats for you, What calls to my heart? what moves my spirit, makes my life dance all because of you!!! I feel your essence of love!!! #nusratzahan

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