[Please Share] Nigerians Begin Search To Locate Disabled Boy Seen Hawking Pure Water — Photos

Today [Thursday, 2nd April, 2020], an unidentified Social Media user took to the platform to share photos of a disabled boy seen hawking sachet water.

The post which went viral on Mentorslinks Facebook Page reads;


“We saw this boy picture on social media, and wept😭

Look at how determined he is to succeed in life, despite his physical challenges.

This is the kind of picture that needs to go viral.

Please let’s keep sharing this picture until a helper locates him.”


We deem it fit to keep broadcasting this information and solicit that everyone that comes across it share so that the little boy will be located.

Below are some of the comments from concerned Nigerians on Facebook:


  • Emilia Chinasa: “ I saw this boy at international Market Abakaliki 3days ago (30th March, 2020). Honestly, I wanted to cry when I saw him selling satchet water).”
  • Adams Annabelle: “Please if you have his contact let me know I want to help him”
  • Ikedieze Ekpe: “Please, if anyone here can connect me to this boy, let him/her do, please. I will like to meet him and possibly sponsor his education. By the grace of God I can do that. Let someone connect me to him please.”



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