Pi Network’s Official Wallet — What You Need To Know

Update for Pi Network participants; On 31st of March, the wallet we will get is our real wallet with a test Pi. You’ll see two addresses as follow;

1. A secret key beginning with letter “S” this is called the private key. It is like your ATM pin. If anybody gets hold on it, your pi would be gone. If you lost it, you will equally lose access to your Pi.


The Secret or Private key is too long for cramming. If you happen to miss out a number or letter, you have missed it all. If it gets into the wrong hands, just say goodbye to your Pi coins.

Start now to learn how to keep it safe. Example of Pi Secret/Private key:

2. A General key or public key is another address you will see that begins with letter “G” This is the one you should give out to people. It serves the purpose of your bank account number to receive *Pi* from pioneers.


This is the one that we’d need you to send, if we want to share some Pi to you
Example of General/Public Key:

As a Pioneer (Pi Network participant), you have to agree and understand that Pi is money and that you should have the willingness to spend it as money.

In this same 2021. Pi will roll out the new way of value creation in cryptospace by intrinsic utility creating demand of cryptocurrency usage on day to day basis.


Supply… As currency, money intended for global usage, Pi needs enough supply.

Pi is build and developed as money, it’s final success as money depends on us, Picommunity.

Buying money? I believe in Pi as money therefore I’m not buying nor selling Pi even when it is listed in crypto exchanges.

We do not buy money, we earn it then spend it. That’s the simple principle of money.

Currently, people do use Bitcoin to describe patience in the crypto currency world.

Someday, people will use Pi Network to explain to others the meaning of patience & consistency in life et crypto-currency affairs.

They will be like: It took Pi users over 700 days to tap a button once daily for what has is not launched yet.

A day will come when you tell people you were among those that *MINED* Pi Network and they’d tell you, Congratulations! because that shows that you’ve got adequate patience, understanding & commitment.

Except mining pi network, also create value and get to know more Pioneers because this life isn’t just about what you know, but *WHO YOU KNOW*. There are places which money alone doesn’t work perfectly, but influence & whom you know works there perfectly.

Lastly, never relent from mining Pi (π) now that it’s still FREE!!!

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