Crypto Currency: Pi Network vs Bitcoin

In today’s article on crypto currency, we’ll be publicizing about Pi Network free Mining vs Bitcoin free Mining.

First and foremost, let me attend to the Security Circle questions on Pi Network generally.

First and foremost, save 5 contacts from this group chat. Then, you can reboot your phone first (because some phones doesn’t synchronize new contacts fastly)

Crypto Currency: Pi Network vs Bitcoin

When you’re done rebooting, open your Pi Network App, then click on the Security Circle and choose ADD EXISTING PI USER but if it didn’t work, select ADD FROM MY CONTACTS

Then, if it doesn’t work, calm down and retry in few days time. Best Regards Great Pioneers.

Now, let’s go into the Pi Network vs Bitcoin free Mining; as you all know, Mining Bitcoin was free but wasn’t free actually because in the Bitcoin free Mining:-

  • You must have a good Computer.
  • You must be online/mining 24/7.
  • You must need electricity to keep your computer on.
  • As a Nigerian, you must have generator to keep your computer on.
  • You must fuel your generator everyday to have power to keep your computer on.
  • You must have brain to solve computational puzzles.

But, in Pi Network free Mining, you do not need;

★ Huge money for Investment.
★ Great skills in technology.
★ Expensive softwares for Mining.
★ Great energy consumption.
★ Great data consumption.
★ Anxiety about the damage of your Electrical parts.

In Pi Network, You need only;

★ A smart-Phone
★ 10-15 Seconds everyday
★ Some Patient to wait before the Phase 3 (Main Net)

If you can’t fulfil this small requirements then ask yourself, What really you can do to make a good fortune in your future?
What excuse would you tell your kids and generation for being poor?
If with all the requirements, people still mined bitcoin when it had no value for 2 years.. What excuse would you have?

Keep digging until we get to see our results.

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