Pi Network: Phone Number and Facebook Verification in relationship with KYC Verification

Unveiling the relationship between Phone Number and Facebook Verification with KYC Verification in Pi Network (Pi coin) free mining.

To every pioneer (Pi Network participant), the daily activity you’re required to do is easy; just open the Pi Network mobile App once every 24 hours to activate fresh mining/earning session and that can’t take upto 15 seconds. It was designed this way to ensure that it is humans that are accumulating it and not robots.

Currently, Pi is just in phase 2 called Testnet (that is, they’re testing Pi now). When they’re satisfied with the testing, they are going to launch it to the Mainnet which is called phase 3 and that’s where pi would be listed in other exchanges and this is when you can exchange your pi into Fiat Currency or use it to purchase goods and services.

Be friendly with Google searching. Search for the meaning of Testnet and Mainnet in crypto-currencies because in our world today, if anybody is telling you about any online blah blah blah and isn’t referring you to Google it out, then avoid such business.

First and foremost, what is the future of Pi coin (Pi Network)?

As reported by experts in the crypto currency exchange market, Pi Coin (Pi Network) will rise like Bitcoin in the future. On the report they made, the value/worth of 1 Pi coin will likely be $0.7 to $1.5 after March 21, 2021. It could reach $99 by 2024.

How To Verify Phone Number and Facebook Ahead of KYC Verification on Pi Network:-

Open your Pi Network App,
At the left top corner of your screen,
+Click the 3 horizontal lines called drawer.
+Scroll down to your profile and open it.
+Scroll down to where you see mobile number verification and click.
+ Choose option 2 And click on start.
+ It takes you to your SMS box.
+ Send the 4digit code to the USA number
+ ₦20 will be deducted if you send it to the USA number .
+ Use your back button and go back to your account.
+ you’ll receive a success message that your mobile number has been successfully verified.

Ensure that you send this sms from the number you registered with.

Pi coin currently have over 8 million members. And the free Mining (accumulating/earning) of Pi will stop once 10 million members target is reached. The Free Mining of Pi is totally free!!! Whether you have referral or not, it doesn’t stop you from Mining Pi for free. The only thing you gain from referring people is that your Mining power (0.25π/hr) will be increasing on each person you invited/referred and that helps you accumulate Pi coin faster!!!

Pi Network: Phone Number and Facebook Verification in relationship with KYC Verification

Important information for all pioneers:-

As we are almost close to the last stage of Pi free mining. All pioneers were advised to verify their Pi phone number and also their Facebook to enable them run the KYC verification which they selects randomly currently.

So without the phone number and Facebook verification you may or may not receive your KYC verification on time just like others who verify theirs.

The importance of this KYC verification is to ensure that you are human and also to ensure that the rule of one person one account holds..

So once your account is verified, you are already 90% close to trade your Pi for other equivalent coin or buy and sell goods and services with it.

The document you need for KYC includes any of these

1:- International passport
2:- National identity card
3:- Drivers license.

Note that if you are using any of this documents, it must be the original and not the paper type of ID. However, if you don’t have any of the listed documents for your KYC verification, you don’t need to be panic about that because they promised to provide future solutions for those with any of these or those that missed their kyc verification.

Those that doesn’t have any of the listed documents should relax and keep mining. Binance once used BVN (Bank Verification Number) to verify those that doesn’t have the listed documents.. So relax because they will introduce alternative means for those that are yet to verify after. So, focus on Mining Pi Coin for free now because this is a great opportunity…; Same way people who took Bitcoin free Mining serious in 2009/2010 are enjoying it now. Never relent on the Mining of Pi Coin now that it is still free.

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