Four Roles in Pi Network and Merits/Demerits on Registration format

Are you already existing user on Pi Network or an intending participant, we’ve written concise information about the Four Roles in Pi Network.

Roles in Pi Network App

Four Roles in Pi Network

This is the first role on the list for everyone that has registered and started mining in Pi Network is a pioneer.

A contributor is the second role in Pi network. This role is locked until a pioneer mines three complete session which could be 3 straight days, 72 straight hours or whenever the pioneer mines completely 3 times/session. This is where a pioneer builds his/her security circle. Security circle of course as I have explained before means securing the pi network with minimum of 3 – 5 trusted pioneers so that pi core team can easily spot fake accounts. For. You get rewarded of a mining speed of 0.04π/hr for each one of the 3 – 5 trusted people. You can add as many as but you will only get rewarded for maximum of 5 people. Help protect pi from bad actors by building your security circle with people you are sure of and can vouch for.


The third role is the Ambassadorial role where a pioneer bring people into the network. Without this role of course, I doubt if we could be here. It’s because of this role many of us are pioneers. This role, you are rewarded accordingly by inviting serious pioneers, you will have a reward for every referral that mines with you.

Nodes are fourth role in the Pi ecosystem which will run on computers only. There are responsible for recording and validating transactions on a distributed ledger. It is not compulsory to run it but those who choose to run it will be rewarded with Pi for any transaction that occurs on the Blockchain (transaction fee) in phase 3. Nodes will earn a passive income of pi for as long as you chose to run a node. To get the app – kindly visit to learn about the PC requirements – click on learn more on the site.

Now let’s talk about the Merits/Demerits on Registration format in Pi Network. Synonymous, merit means ‘Advantage’ while demerit means ‘Disadvantage’.

Pi Network Registration Options

So, here are the Merits/Demerits of your mode of registration in Pi Network:

Advantages of Registering with mobile Number
  1. It is more secured. Phone number can hardly be hacked. Even though you lose your phone, you can retrieve it back. Even though you don’t retrieve back your sim card, as long as you have verified your phone number, you can still login with another phone. This is why you need to save your password in your head or somewhere.

  2. You will find it very easy adding people to your security circle without referring them by saving their contacts in your phonebook and adding them from your contact.

  3. You will have the opportunity to input your real name and make a unique password for your Pi account.

  4. You will have double verification opportunity. You can verify your mobile number and facebook. Although, only one verification is enough be it facebook or mobile number verification.

  5. If you register with mobile number and you forget your password, you can login using your facebook. That is, if you verified your facebook before the loss.

  6. If you registered with phone number and verify with Facebook, then get your Facebook account hacked, you can still access your Pi account.
Disadvantages of registering Pi Network with Phone Number:-
  1. Imputing your first and last name and choosing password may make the process look a bit longer than registering with Facebook account.
  2. You will have to verify your mobile number which may cost you ₦20 – ₦50 depending on the network and the country you are sending your four digit codes to.


Advantages of registering Pi Network with Facebook:-
  1. It is faster because you will skip imputing your names and passwords as the system will automatically use your facebook name and password.

  2. You won’t be asked to verify your Facebook account because you get verified automatically and won’t spend money verifying as Facebook verification is free.
Disadvantages of registering Pi Network with Facebook.
  1. It is not 100% secured because loosing your Facebook account to hackers or being blocked by the facebook community for misconduct either by getting reported for scamming people or sending multiple friend requests to the whites, you will lose your Pi account which can never be retrieved.

  2. You will find it very difficult adding people to your security circle. Meaning you will refer people to be able to do that.

  3. You will have only one verification which is Facebook. You won’t be able to verify your mobile number.

  4. Facebook will extract your name from your Facebook account which might not be your real name.

NOTE!!! If you registered with Facebook, be rest assured that in future, as Pi Network is still developing, mobile number or email verification will be added for backup so that if you lose your Facebook account, you won’t lose your Pi account, but before that is done, be on the safer side by telling your referrals to register with mobile number for now. Safety is paramount. As for those who registered with a wrong mobile number or who didn’t verify their mobile number due to misplacement of sim, be rest assured that our pi is developing ways you can be able to change your mobile number. In this case, make sure you don’t ever forget your password. Best Regards!

Are you already exiting user on Pi Network or an intending participant, we've written concise information

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