Reviews: Is ‘Pi Network’ a Ponzi or Crypto Currency (Everything You Should Know)

In today’s Reviews about Pi to ascertain its eligibility whether it is a refurbished ponzi scheme or a digital currency (crypto currency) that is recognized globally.

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Let’s continue with the reviews: Is ‘Pi Network’ a Ponzi or a Crypto Currency?

  • Pi is a crypto currency.

Crypto currencies are digital currencies. It can be purchased (exchange) or mined (free earning/accumulating).

Crypto currencies can be used for online or offline purchases, and can also be exchanged for several local and foreign currencies.

Reviews: Is 'Pi Network' a Ponzi or Crypto Currency (Everything You Should Know)

What is ‘Mining’ in Crypto Currencies?

Mining in crypto-currencies is the process of obtaining or accumulating crypto currencies or any other thing. You can mine crypto currencies for free or with money.

Why Do Crypto Currencies Usually Introduce Free Mining?

For a crypto currency to stand, it must have a large number of people that are currently owners of that particular crypto coin, this is why they usually introduce the free mining process, to help them gather members and create awareness.

So inventors generates a free platform where people can be able to ‘mine’ crypto currency for free before the launching (ie exchange)

Launching of a crypto currency, what does it mean?

Definition of launching a Crypto Currency – This is when the free mining will stop of which at that point in time, the crypto currency must have gathered a value of $0.4 to $15 or even more.

Examples of crypto currencies are;
Bitcoin, Etheruem, Tron, Pi, etc… This is why Pi free Mining started since 2019 (14th March to be precise)

Pi free Mining started since 2019 (14th March to be precise)

Their target before they’ll stop the free Mining is 10 million members, and they’ve gotten over 8 million members.
Let me quickly brief you all on how some of this crypto currencies started.

Let’s start with Bitcoin

1) Bitcoin started with free mining, when it was launched the value was N40 for 1 Bitcoin, but it’s worth over 3.5 million Naira for 1Bitcoin currently.

Then, Ethereum

Etheruem was launched in year 2017, the value then was about 100N. Currently, the value of Ethereum is over N100,000

Pi Network is upcoming. They’re on free mining stage. They’ve gathered over 8 million pioneers (ie members). The inventors said that by the time they hit 10million pioneers, it would be launched. Then the free mining will stop.

So grab the opportunity now and ‘mine’ Pi Coin for free. Yes, accumulate as many as possible. Few months from now, we all will be smiling.

Hope you know that 1 Pi is worth about N150 currently?

You see how privileged we all are. Because we make at least, 6 Pi daily via this free Mining of Pi. Once Pi is launched officially and free Mining stopped, millions of people will start doing exchange with it and it can skyrocket the value/worth overnight.

So, tighten your seatbelts because we’re potential millionaires. Yes! You read it clearly. Those millionaires and billionaires doesn’t stress much to accumulate much wealth, they only engage in searching for opportunities.

In essence, Pi is not ponzi scheme. Pi is a crypto currency that is legitimate, legalized and recognized globally.

Needed more clarification, or wishes to Join in the free Mining (Accumulating/Earning) of Pi? WhatsApp +2348160999249.

NB: Registration is 100% free and the free Mining is 100% free with or without a referral.

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