Pi Network’s Phase 2 (I)

Pi Network, the global cryptocurrency project that was launched on Pi day, 2019 (March 14). Currently we are 10 month down the line after phase 2 was launched and we have over 12 million engaged Pioneers already.

What is the goal of Pi network’s Phase 2?

Phase 2 of Pi network has 2 main goals. One thing to note here is that Pi Network is growing at “economic proportions” and as a matter of fact, it’s the fastest growing cryptocurrency community in the world today, having it’s Pioneers from over 180+ countries around the world. The project was designed to go through 3 phases of which we are in the second phase.

Phase 2 was launched on Pi day, 2020 (March, 14) with an engaged Pioneer of over 3.5 millions.

  1. Building value
  2. Decentralizing the network

For the sake of information overload, I will be explaining the first goal and talk about the second goal next time. Following through from here, it means that the bulk of what we are building in Pi network lies in phase 2 and specifically on the first goal, which is to build the value of this Currency called Pi. This will lead me to reminding us of the goal of Pi network.

Which is to a build a globally accepted cryptocurrency, used by everyday people in exchange for everyday goods and services.

Building value?

What does this means?

Unlike many cryptocurrency project that majorly focus on building technical infrastructures, Pi network believes that both technical infrastructures and economic adoption together with utility should be built in parallel. What this simply means is that global acceptance of Pi in exchange for any form of real life human needs which is always inform goods and services (can also be referred to as Utility) along side with the technologies that will make this happen so easily should all be built together!

How will this happen?

What this plartform is out to ensure is to is to scale healthy transactions of Pi by allowing third application to build any form of application in there, that will give Pi value it’s desired intrinsic value. As Pi is designed to gain it’s value that way.

With over 12 million+ engaged Pioneers, we can all together build the value of pi. And this where I get to say that Pi network isn’t a free money in that the value, money will be built together by everyone.

So, to the how?
Pi network plan on archiving this by building a platform called *Pi Apps* within the Pi network Application itself.

This can be found already on the Application. The Pi apps plartform will allow Pioneers, Developers and also external parties to build applications such as real estate, games, market places, media, financial services (and lot more) within the app so as to tap into time, attention, talent, resources as well as services of our dear community.

A friend Pioneers who resides in Ibadan, Oyo state, here in the southwest of Nigeria. She currently own a store on the Pi Lifestyle with the named *”Kitchen treats and events”* where she sells cakes and pastries and also offer event planning services, all in exchange for Pi today!

It will interest you to know that today you can purchase goods and services on The Pi Lifestyle even though you can’t transfer your Pi.

Don’t doubt this as it’s already happening, you should only ask how?
For example, The Pi Lifestyle is a market place built on Pi network and for Pioneers to come together to exchange goods and services for Pi.

For those who can download the video, see screenshot… Can you now see how real Pi network is gradually becoming?
With very little percent of Your pi, you can begin to purchase valuable stuff.
And the juicy part is she is a Nigerian, currently in OAU, Ife, Osun state. Transportation will be easier that way.

I will personally be purchasing a cake this month for my birthday 🤤😁 and I will let you know when I do!
I will like to leave us with this…

Pi network can change our lives if we open our eyes to see

Pi network will redefine Finance and the world Cryptocurrency we choose to support it. The furture is in our hands and it’s from today, this current phase 2 of the Project that we can began building.

I will, support Pi network with all got! Hopefully you will choose to do the same. I’m a DM away for any suggestions at all
There there is a call on us all to join this phase of building the value for Pi. With our services, goods, skills, talent, time and resources we can together build creative utility for Pi, that will help increase it value.

Till next time, stay mining and stay learning. I am Kuforiji Fikunayo (WhatsApp 09081724516) – Learn Pi