Pi Network: Security Report For Members

Pi Network participants has to be very careful with how their details are replicated to this emerging cryptocurrency networks.

Fisrtly, Pi Networks is the first Network that allows mobile mining for Pi Coins which started off on the 14th of March, 2019 for which Phase 3 is scheduled for Q42021 (1 of the Ember months of 2021)

Please if you are joining TimeStope, Bee Networks, Eagles Network, Ant Networks, or Phenoem,  do well not to use the same passwords or verifying your facebook account on any of them.

NB: Developers of this emerging networks are also Mining Pi and their Identity as CT to their Networks is not Known (Anonymous)

They can get your Pi Network’s password assuming accurately that people love using one password for their daily online registration and businesses, with such info they can Rob you of your Pi @Mainnet.

NB: Try to use a separate password and phone number to join the emerging Network, because Building a Block chain Network is not BoBo Juice.

This is why Pi Network is reliable and trusted globally;

  1. The core team (Developers) and their qualifications are well known.
  2. The name of Stanford University is on the line.
  3. Core Team of Pi are also co-founders of some successful Cooperation like StarX, Electronuem etc…
  4. Pi Network has achieved some outstanding milestones, like;

The development of Testnet which is swift.

Creationof the Pi wallet (a non-custodial wallet)

Building Pi value using step by step strategy and also building a United world wide Pi Network Community.

Having pi Utilities present and in progress my Committed pioneer, egThe Pi Lifestyle (TPL) for which over 2500 transaction for exchange of pi coins for goods and services rating and accepting 1pi = $100.

Here are the reasons why the Emerding Networks are quite suspicious and looks questionable;

TimeStope: this network is so confused that you can update the app like 5times a day
White paper is not welcome by me

Bee Network: this Network is just busy rather other coins like ETH and how it’s fighting with US dollar in its news line

Eagle Network: my advice to you if you have join is to Uninstall the app from your phone. The developer copied pi white paper word for word. The unknown developers are legit scammers

Ant Network: me I don’t have their time because they’ve got no reasonable reviews.

Phenuem: am into it I will soon uninstall it soon.

Please Treat with care.

Love for Pi Network❤️
Admin: Nedu🙄

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