Pi Network KYC Verification, Change of Name, How To Cash Out (Everything You Should Know)

Everything about the Pi Network KYC Verification, Change of Name and the step on how to Cash Out (Updated)— Mentorslinks.com

Pi Network is a Crypto Currency with over 8 million members that started FREE Mining (earning/accumulating Pi) since 2019 & will stop Free Mining once they reach 10 million members. After the FREE Mining, features on how we can trade (sale) with the currency, will be unveiled. It is 100% free Registration & FREE Mining with or without Referral.

Everything about the Pi Network KYC Verification, Change of Name and the step on how to Cash Out (Updated) Mentorslinks.com

How To Change Your Name In Pi Network

Here are Verified steps on how to Change Your Name In Pi Network.

  1. Logout from the Pi Network App.

  2. Go to your Facebook account that you’ve used to register for the Pi Network.

  3. Change your name on Facebook to your real complete name.

  4. Then, goto the Pi Network App and Login using your Facebook.

  5. Confirmed✓

NOTE: This method works only if you’ve registered for the Pi Network with your Facebook ID (Account).

Pi Network: How To Activate KYC (Verification) and Cash out in Pi Network

Most people who joined Pi Network newly usually ask, how do they start activating KYC Verification and what are the methods of cashing out?

I love seeing such question and that’s why I start from the beginning to tell about everything before they registers. Which is;

Pi Network has gotten over 8 million members. The free mining will stop once it reaches 10 million members. In essence, everyone should be focused on the free Mining (earning/accumulating) of pi as many that they can before it reaches 10 million members.

How do we start cashing out in Pi Network?

There’s what they called KYC Verification in Pi Network. It simply means verification process, that’s why I told you people to register with your real name in Pi Network App.

So, this KYC has started rolling out for countries like Malaysia, Taiwan, etc… Nigerians leading the race on Pi Network is opting for National ID CARD & voters card as two verification processes to be enabled for us.

Then, for the National ID Card, many Nigerians who Registered for it about 5 years ago are yet to get it. So, option to input the details on the small paper will be given.

So, Nigerian will likely get two options for KYC (verification), and they are:

  1. Voters Card
  2. Nation ID Card (NIN)

So, after successful verification process on the Pi Network, cashing out (earning/exchange) starts. The cashing out can be done in this forms;

  • Exchanging your Pi Coin with other coins like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tron, etc…
  • Exchanging your Pi Network Coin with other participants for a cash.
  • Exchanging your Pi with some digital shops to get a goods from them.

So all this options will be unveiled as soon as KYC verification is done & 10 million members achieved.

You still need more clarification or wishes to join the Pi Network Free Mining that is still in progress? Kindly WhatsApp us via: +2348160999249

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