Pi Network in relation with BTC, other Cryptocurrencies

Bitcoin, Ethereum and many other cryptos were all ‘mined’ for free. Pi has come to repeat what they did, but in an angle no one has ever taught before – a cryptocurrency for everyday people.

Cryptos are meant to be a medium of P2P exchange currencies for real life utilities just like our traditional monies ($,¥,€,£,₦) but rather they have been seen as a store of values for which it is the current trends of most Crypto holders.

March 14, 2019, A group of Stanford PhD’s Opined and paved way for Pi to be mined using a mobile phone, for a digital asset that will eradicate the failed plans of the aftermaths Crypto currency to behave just like the traditional monies.

The inventors of BTC, ETH and others, developed the coins first before searching to utilities that will adopt them for exchange. BTC having a high transfer issues and limited in Number (21m) can’t satisfied such fleet plans, ETH is build on high gas fee can’t satisfied the fleet either even as (Vitalik buratin) a student of Stanford University under the tutoring of Nicolas Kokkalis (Pi founder), he can’t ascertain what real life utilities has to play in value building to Crypto. This is why the Stellar Consensus protocol was used for Pi.

It enables vast people to mine Pi with a moblie phone, for which other coins was mined using high embedded computers which an average man cannot buy.
Secondly, Utilities for Pi is on the highest demand like 95% to BTC’s 5% other coins no get utilities self for exchange.

Pi is not a Crypto currency as contexed for BTC and other yamayama coins, but Pi is Money.

Pi will function like the dollar, the naira, the euro but it will operate digitally.

The US Dollar is seen as the money for all as we have seen. Based on its Usage and Utilities. Even Nigeria my Country rates their yearly budget in dollars. Why won’t it be high in value, the Stanford’s (Pi CT) knew how money works and decided to take it digitally and making a ways people can come into pi Networks with just thier mobile phones

Pi hasn’t been launched yet till December this year, but Hotels, car sellers, schools, shopmalls, wrist watch trade fares, phone stores and our big Pi Hackathon projects, has declared to accept Pi.

Pi will bring more people into Crypto currency just because you have a mobile phone as against the high tech computer mining of Btc’s and the rest.

Written By: LearnPi Admin’ ⁨Nedu

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