Pi Network: Defining Utility In Relationship With Value

To all Pi Network participants, I officially welcome us all into 2021 which is the year that the Core Team mapped out for Pi launching.


While I remain hopeful about the great things you will achieve in this new year, my heart prays heavily and wish you even much more than you think, as we hope to have a great year ahead for us and for Pi Network in General.

I see great things happen within Pi Network – A super Crypto project that I love so much, not because of anything, but because of everything about it, starting from those who lead the project, to the Pi Network project itself and also to the community it has built.

Many Pioneers don’t understand that Pi Network can actually change life and for the few that understands, they actually don’t know how it will. We live in a world of endless possibilities where anything is possible, as we only need someone to show it, and just to state it clearly, Pi Network has a unique vision and mission.

“pi Network is aiming to be a Global Cryptocurrency, that will be used to purchase everyday goods and services by anybody interested all over the world.

Looking into this critically, you should understand that it’s a big task, hence that’s why it’s this demanding and also that’s why it requires a lot of people to be involved, so from here you will understand why people have to ‘MINE‘ it for free and then begin to exchange it for goods and services.

Furthermore, if you follow Pi Network closely like I do, paying attention to the update, gone through the White Paper and understand the words of @Nicolas himself and you understand this little all I have said up there. Then you should know that Pi Network is not a baby project.

There are two major important things that every serious Pioneer should be concerned about so as for our journey to Mainnet (ie Phase 3) could be smoother and faster, they’re as follows;

  1. Many more people need to know about Pi Network: Those that are currently mining it should understand what the project is all about so they can come in apprciatelly and not just sit down alone to push the lightening bot once daily.
  2. Creating utility for Pi Network in a bid to make it ‘more’ liquid.

The two major points are actually major to the success of Pi Network, you should know that, no one of it is less than the other if you truly understand what Pi is all about.

Many people are just thinking that all they should do is to keep hitting the lightening bot everyday and one day, Pi Network will just become $1000/pi just like that?

This is the major reason we are here, and if you truly believe in Pi Network and want it to succeed, you should want to be involved actually.

I’m sure we are not part of those ignorant folks who only want to hit the lightening bot and one day, they just find themselves rich in Pi Network.

For Pi Network to succeed, it’s need the support of everybody! Many Pioneers are just mining because they don’t want to miss out, many are mining because they think that Pi coins can become $30,000 like Bitcoin, whereas many are just not even mining at all because they don’t see a future with Pi Network.

All boils down to the fact they they don’t understand what Pi Network is all about. In fact many of us have a large earning team and and just a fraction is taking mining seriously, simply because they don’t understand Pi Network yet.

We need to help Pioneers understand Pi Network. The truth is if what all Pioneers in Pi Network are doing is just to mine pi alone, Pi will be worth nothing. People don’t understand that it needs beyond just gathering the Pi coins alone.

If there are no utility for Pi Network, which means Pi won’t be liquid, then Pi can’t become anything. I’m sure of what I’m saying because I have done my homework, and I am not trying to be scary. Most Pioneers don’t just understand.

By utility and liquidity I mean this… Utility is key – This is the major place where Pi Network is going to gain it’s value and not the way many Pioneers are thinking it will gain it, form thin air.

Will like to say little about Phase 2 of the Pi-network project, which is where we still are. The major event that was highlighted in the white paper to happen during this current phase is that Pi Network must begin to be exchanged for goods and services within Pioneers all over the World, and that’s why we have about 250 pioneers who where given the special ability to transfer their Pi (IAT: In App Transfer) so that Pi Network will gradually begin to gain value.

You will now see that the value for Pi Network can’t come out of thin air, it will come by people supporting it.

Today we have many Pioneers who have dedicated some percentages of their businesses to Pi Network such that they instead of them to receive Naira or Dollars for there goods and services, they collect Pi coins instead.

Those are the real people supporting Pi Network. In fact they are the once at a great risk. I’m sure you understand what I’m saying.

Many people need to understand Pi Network. People need to believe more in Pi Network and it will only come by proper education, so that why can begin to support it.

That why I appreciate The Pi Lifestyle – a third party application built on the Pi Network where pioneers can buy and sell with their Pi Coins.

Even if you just joined pi today and have mined just few pi. It is NOT a SCAM, and as a matter of fact those are the once who understands what Pi Network is and they created a platform where such can happen so as to support the Pi Network project and build a value/ worth for it.

Great things are happening there Pioneers. Do not let this surprise you. It’s happening for real. Those are the people who understands Pi Network.

I will even want us all to join their discord group. You will learn a lot, I tell you, and as a matter of fact, Pi Network’s Core Team support all they are doing there.

I want us all to actually do this, do we can be on the same page as we move along
Just download discord mobile app from Google Playstore and once you have downloaded it, then click https://discord.gg/ezh3Cju to join their discord. You will thank me after you have joined actually.

Lecture By: Fikunayo kuforiji; Edited By Soaznews.

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