Pi Network: Change Name, Add Email Address (Details)

To every participant on Pi Network, here’s how to change your name and add email address to your account/profile ahead of KYC Verification.

If you misspelled your name when registering for Pi Network, you can now correct it and write it correctly. Open your App you’ll see the update flashing there.

First name is your English/Baptismal name, while Last Name means your Surname.

When you click on it, you’ll also see option to include Middle Name, add it if you have any.

Kindly Note That, you cannot change your name in the future, so be careful this time because this is the last chance.

When you’re done and click submit, you’ll be prompted to add email address. Endeavor to add a working email, be careful to avoid mistake while filling it.

Share with other Pioneers. Best regards.