How to integrate Pi Network to your Business

If you are actively mining Pi and you’ve got any contact abroad (especially China, Vietnam, South Korea, United States, Malaysia, Canada, United Kingdom) who’s a crypto enthusiast, ask the person about Pi Network.

Once in a while, post about Pi Network on your social media accounts. Get in touch with other Pioneers. Teach and learn something new from them. Make meaningful conversations and connections because the journey doesn’t end here.

Remember, LearnPi is structured towards enlightening and educating Pi Network participants (pioneers), as well as creating maximum support. We urge you to keep mining.

Many people are still in doubt as to if Pi Network will succeed, or if It’s even a real Cryptocurrency. Their doubts is based on Two Ideologies, namely;

  1. Ignorance: It’s A Mere Assumption By People Who Have Limited Knowledge Or No Idea About How Blockchain Projects Are Being Developed And Operated. They Assume That Pi Isn’t Real & Can’t Become Valid. They Say It Out Of Ignorance. People With Lack Of Patience To Mine Falls Under This Category As Well.

  2. Formal Knowledge: This Set Of People Already Have A Formal Knowledge About How Mining Is Done On Blockchain Network, Which Requires High Computation Power Or A Huge Amount Of Stating Power. The Foremostly Believe In PoW & PoS (Proof Of Work & Stake) As The Only Alternative Way Of Earning CryptoCurrency.

Telling Them About A Mobile Mining Crypto Currency Network Where You Can Earn(Pi) With Your Mobile Phone And The Algorithm Runs Auto-Mining 24Hours With Little To No Amount Of Computation Power Or Mining That Doesn’t Consume Your Data, RAM, Energy ETC. This Sounds Funny In The Ear.

Money Is Of High Prestige And Shouldn’t Be Given Out So Easily For Free To The Masses. This Same Formal Believe Made It Hard To Introduce A Mechanism Known As IOT(Internet Of Things)

IOT Is A Method Of Mining A Crypto Currency By Using Home Appliances That Are Embedded With Sensors Or Any Electronic Device That Can Connect, Interrelate And Exchange Data With Other Device.

Examples Of Such Are; Television, Radio, Micro Wave, Washing Machine, Refrigerator, Vacuum, ETC Any Device That Is Capable Of Being Controlled, Remote Or Connect To Other Devices Through It Sensor , Bluetooth, Tethering Or WiFi Can Be Used As A Computational Power To Mine CryptoCurrency.

Could You Imagine How Mining Would Be Made So Easy And Smooth To Earn Cryptos, But This Idea Was Abolished Because Of The Formal Knowledge About How Difficult It Is To Mine Bitcoin Which Requires A Lot Of Computational Power, Energy Supply And Staking.

It’s Hard To Convince This Set Of People That They Could Mine A Crypto Currency (Pi) With Their Mobile Phones. its Still Sounds Stupid In The Ear. That’s Their Opinion And I Respect It. We Shouldn’t Forget That We Are In The Modern World, Anything Can Happen, New Inventions Are Being Developed Every Single Day. I Would Love It If IOT Mechanism Is Introduced Again. It Will Be Very Easy For People To Mine Crypto Currency By Connecting Their Home Appliances To The Blockchain Network Server/Protocol In Order To Mine Coins Daily.

I’ve Been Busy Lately, When I’m Less Busy, I’d Love To Write More About IOT (Internet Of Things).

If An Individual Could Develop And Build A Coin Out Of Nothing, Then How Much More A Project Out Of Stanford University ?

If Pi Network Is A Product Of Stanford University, Which Is The Best University In The Nation When It Comes To Teaching And Offering Courses In CryptoCurrency And Blockchain Technology?

Our Core Team (Mr.Nicolas And Cfan) Are Lecturers From The Stanford University, They Are Masters In What They Do. Their Reputations Are Known As First Class Professionals On Their Respective Fields.

Vitalik Buterin; The Owner Of Etheruem Was Once Mr.Nicolas Student In Stanford University. Vitalik Buterin Developed A Crypto Currency Widely Known As Etheruem Which Is Ranked At #2 On The Coin Market And Exchanges After Bitcoin.

Now My Question Is; If A Student’s(Vitalik) Project Could Become This Is Successful, How Much More Will His Lecturer’s (Nicolas) Project Become ???

I See No Doubt About Why People (Both The Ignorance And Formal Idea) Should Argue That Pi Isn’t Real And Will Not Succeed. At This Point, Its Best To Ignore This Doubts And Help The Core Team To Build The Network By Joining The Pi Community Platforms To Promote Pi Network In Various Way Possible.

I’m Always Grateful And Super Proud To Be A Part Of This Blockchain Network Known As Pi Network. I’m Happy To Be An Engager ,As A Node That Validates Transactions On Pi Blockchain By Mining Daily With My Mobile Phone.

I’m Proud And Bold To Say That I Am A True Pioneer On Pi Network, And No Matter What May Happen On The Network, We’re Not Falling Down, No, Instead Pi Network Will Keep Striving Harder To Achieve It Vision And Mission Statement.

People May Still Not Really Understand What Mining Pi Entails Until Mainnet Comes.

Written By: Pioneer’ Shepherd; Edited by Soaznews.

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