Pi Network: Blockchain vs Internet Revolution — Here’s Everything You Need To Know

Pi Network App with it’s native BLOCKCHAIN have just implemented exact strategy of the internet- inclusive, offered for free to anyone worldwide.

Blockchain and Pi Network — Crypto Currency NewsPi-Network-Withdrawal-KYC

Pi which is usually referred to as Pi Network is a latest and fast valuable digital currency which is at the verge of shaking and breaking limits in the crypto currency exchange market.

Let’s discuss the INTERNETBLOCKCHAIN and PI

THE INTERNET is an information exchange protocol while blockchain is a value exchange protocol. The Internet enables us to send information immediately worldwide while blockchain gives us the ability to transmit not information but value in the blink of an eye worldwide.

About 30 years ago, many people doesn’t believe in/on the internet, but today, around 62% of the world population is connected to the World Wide Web (www). In 1995, it was less than 1% and what actually made the internet so successful was that it was inclusive, offered for free to anyone.

— Pi with it’s native blockchain have just implemented exact strategy- inclusive, offered for free to anyone worldwide. Blockchain which is value exchange protocol is using the internet, the information exchange protocol as a tool to become much more than successful.

Five years from now and beyond, people will describe the success of Pi just like how they describe the success of the internet.

Pi Network is in Phase 2 (Testnet) currently and Pi will become money when we get to Phase 3 (Mainnet) which the time isn’t disclosed yet but on hitting the 10 million members target, it’ll be unveiled because Pi is taking it’s time to fully develop so it doesn’t make the mistake of other cryptocurrencies.

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