Pencil Price Skyrockets As ‘Charlie Charlie’ Game Trends

Pencil Price Reportedly Goes High Across The Country Due To Trending/ Viral ‘Charlie Charlie’ Game …

The trending ‘Charlie Charlie’ story is a game where you summon a presence only known as Charlie to ask it any questions that you’d like.

Pencil Price Skyrockets As ‘Charlie Charlie’ Game Trends

You start the game by crossing a pencil above another one on a piece of paper with yes or no written on every corner of it.

You then summon “Charlie” by saying “Charlie Charlie are you there?” You can now ask your questions.

The only problem with this game as gathered by Mentorslinks, is that there are many beliefs about Charlie not being a human.


Some say he’s a child who committed suicide, some say he’s the victim of a fatal car accident, others say he’s a pagan Mexican deity who now convenes with the Christian devil, while the rest say it’s not a human, but a demon responding to your invitation.

When Charlie answers your question, the pencil will move towards yes or no.

Charlie haunts players who fails to say goodbye before they close out of the game.