Pastor Who Married Two Wives, Reveals Why!

Pastor Kemmonye from Botswana who married two wives and blessed with many children, has revealed why led to the decision.

According to Pastor Kemmonye, he married his second wife Miss Chipo Kwndenwa, because she’s younger and sweeter than his first wife.

The Pastor who is also a successful Businessman sent tongues wagging after he shared pictures of him and his wives in matching outfits on his official Instagram Page.

Kemmonye stated that polygamy is an African culture and there’s nothing sinful or abominable about it.

Pastor Who Married Two Wives, Reveals Why Did It

He has also predicted that very soon in the future Polygamy will creep back to civilization and even religious clerics in Africa will embrace it cause that’s the best thing to do.

The Pastor called people who criticise Polygamy and tag it sinful as pretenders and made mention of many biblical characters who married more than one wife.