Oyigbo (Obigbo) Chairman Reacts To Extra Judicial Killings Going On In Oyigbo

Oyigbo (Obigbo) Chairman Reacts To Judicial Killings Going On In Oyigbo.

Oyigbo (Obigbo) Chairman Reacts To Judicial Killings Going On In Oyigbo

This is what he got to say:


The executive chairman of Oyigbo LGA,R/S
Hon. Prince Gerald C. Oforji (JP) in seeking for a way to mitigate in the plight that bedeviled the LGA as a result of the endsars protest that was highjacked by hoodlums through the Mastermind of IPOB members which resulted in the burning down of police stations in Oyigbo,lost of military personnels and carting away of riffles.

Today, being the 1st of November, 2020, as a responsive government, the executive Chairman invited the heads of operations in search of the missing riffles for a meeting in his residence in seeking to know their modus operandi towards the wailing of Oyigbo people.

Oyigbo (Obigbo) Chairman Reacts To Judicial Killings Going On In Oyigbo

And part of the discussion so far revealed thus:

  1. That the military are not in Oyigbo to kill the Igbos.

  2. That the action of the executive Governor is not targeted at the Igbos but a way to make the state habitable for all citizens there and then bringing to book all miscreants who hid under the protest and perpetrated evil.

  3. That the stolen guns if not retrieved will pose security threat to all the inhabitants because they are in wrong hands.

  4. That no innocent life was targeted to be killed be in Oyigbo.

  5. That the executive Governor of R/S sympathises with all in this trying time.

Consequently, the executive chairman commiserates with all who were hit by stray bullets through this exercise and assured of necessary effort towards appealing to the Governor in relaxing the curfew as he has seen that they have obeyed for sick ones to seek medical attention, restock their goods and means of livelihood.

In sumary, the heads of operations assured the executive chairman that they will be tactical in their assignment while pleading for the people to be calm.

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