Notice For Every Cryptocurrency Trader, Enthusiast

Some newbies are asking if the cryptocurrency market is crashing, lol.

The cryptocurrency market is a game that is currently unregulated. There must be PND (Pumps N Dumps), and there must must be manipulations and corrections.

The difference here is that people who have stayed long in the game, use the period of corrections/dumps (a.k.a DIPS) to invest, whereas newbies wait for the market to boom before they invest.

Then, those who bought the dip will start cashing out when the market is booming, whereas those who waited for the boom continues to wait for bigger boom which might take longer time and usually comes when a fresh correction must have occurred.

ADVICE ! ! !

If your aim is to buy and HODL for long-term, please calm down and stop unnecessary panic or listening to those negative energy carriers with their quack predictions in the name of analysis trying to make you panic-sell. Majority of them are HODLing.

Cryptocurrency is a game. Infact, it is like Politics! If you fail to build your emotional intelligence in the game, then you’ll end up a loser always.

Define the part you wanna go in the cryptocurrency market.

  1. Buy & HODL or
  2. Daily trading.

If you’re into number 1, then there’s no cause for alarm. But if you’re on number 2, trade using stop loss before there must be rate fluctuations always.

Do Your Own Research and Invest what you can afford loosing, then bury your emotions.

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