Not All Youths Are Competent – DJ Switch reacts to Desmond Elliot’s viral Video

Desmond Elliot has proven that it’s not by electing young people, but competent ones – DJ Switch

Following heavy backlash coming against Desmond Elliot on different social media platforms for calling the youths ‘Children’, Nigerian Disc Jockey (DJ) and maiden winner of Glo X Factor, DJ Switch has also slammed the Lagos lawmaker by stating that Desmond Elliot has proven why it is important to elect competent people and not just young persons into power.

As gathered by Mentorslinks, DJ Switch called out the legislator representing Surulere constituency for speaking on the need regulate social media and also for referring to Nigerian youths children.

DJ Switch criticized Desmond Elliot for being concerned about social media influencers instead of the lives lost at the Lekki Toll-Gate Massacre of unarmed peaceful #EndSARS protesters.


In the exact words of DJ Switch;

“Desmond Elliot calling us children is very annoying.

“He his angry at the celebrities and influencers because they have a voice?

“He is not even angry about the Lekki Massacre. He has proven to us that it not by having a young person there but a competent one.”

DJ Switch released her statement after Desmond Elliot apologised over his comment on social media, and stated that he is 100 percent fully in support of the youths.