Nnamdi Kanu’s Radio Broadcast of 17th October 2020 (Full Text)

If you missed yesterday’s Radio Broadcast by the supreme leader of the Indigenous People Of BIAFRA (IPOB), Nnamdi Kanu, here’s the full text.


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Edited by
Nwada Emmanuel Chisom (Ada Biafra)

  1. An opening prayer by Mazi Nnamdi Kanu.

  2. This evening they are busy attacking the people on the street, I am so angry this evening.

  3. They said that they are going to roll out their tankers in the street to commence the slaughter of the poor masses.

  4. And I said bring out the army and IPOB will match your madness.

  5. The time has come, the hour has come. bring out your army, that thing Fulani has been looking for they will have it now.

  6. Britain has taken over the ZOO in proxy. They have emboldened the Fulani to go ahead and roll out their tanks.

  7. Men are going to die starting from the 20th of October, I am sorry to say it, is going to happen.

  8. Myetti Allah is lying in wait in our bushes. The time has come and their Masters are coming, we are finished.

  9. I have not called their children ZOO animal lately because of what their children is doing, they are doing extremely well and I salute them.

  10. Fulani is coming on the 20th and they are bringing their war to unleash on the South.

  11. Chukwu Okike Abiama the time has come for you to save your children, that time is now starting from the 20th of October, the armies of darkness will descend on your children.

  12. We are not basing our strategy based on anything we know but our believe is in you from generation to generation.

  13. IKECHUKWU, this very clip must be cut out and put away, that time has come, and I am going to lecture Britain we are no fools.

  14. The people they are bringing out on the 20th to kill us is the same army that sworn to protect you.

  15. Anytime something goes wrong in the country the President takes the blame, I want you to listen very attentively this evening.

  16. Trump has done very well with the economy, and a virus came into the country and kill the people and everybody is blaming Trump, do you know why? Because he is the President, and the buck stops with him.

  17. Those who are implementing Fulani template will all die. Mamman Daura will die, and whoever takes over with him I will curse him and he will die.

  18. Anything I tell you comes to pass, and in the ZOO they are going to kill you unless you rise up to defend yourself you will die.

  19. The reason why they are coming to kill you is to stop you from coming to Aso Rock to find out that Aso Rock is empty.

  20. Do you know that anything that spins around generate electricity?.

  21. People are asking the young people on the street to end the protest. I want us to reason together this night, is not about me preaching.

  22. October the 20th will tell, because things will fall apart. If you elect and idiot, things will definitely fall apart.

  23. Somebody should look for that prophecy of brother Joshua Ingila and post on my page, he was talking about now, he was talking about this Revolution.

  24. Is by the grace of God, I am nothing. I am a man, we are all mortal and by the grace of God we shall all die.

  25. Some people claim to be freedom fighters, but common protest you cannot support the people, what sort of freedom fighter are you?.

  26. The youths out on the street they are intelligent, and we have always known that they are intelligent.

  27. You must end SARS, then you evaluate the salaries of the senators. This boys are way too smart.

  28. Don’t you know that these youths are fighting for your better life, so that when your beautiful daughter is traveling with that iPhone you bought for her nobody should go and kill her.

  29. The people that Britain has come to ask you to kill are the same boy and girl that want the same thing those white men have.

  30. Now there are jobs everywhere, there is job vacancy in begger, in CBN, this is the job they reserved for their children and girlfriend.

  31. The people they are asking you to kill, did Britain killed their own when they came out on the street? Today you won’t go to London.

  32. Fulani, why are you moving cattle from place to place looking for trouble. I

  33. There are many things that can be done, but everybody is looking for oil and gas, Myetti Allah could have been the richest.

  34. With that we have come to the end of todays broadcast, I wanted to take calls this night but not anymore. Tomorrow morning I will be back again.

  35. I thank you all very much this evening for listening, with all these love in my heart, with regards and respect for all those who are in the streets from me, from here, it is Good evening.

Compiled by

Edited by
Nwada Emmanuel Chisom (Ada Biafra)