NISRAL COVID-19 Palliative Loan (Apply)

NISRAL COVID-19 PALLIATIVE LOAN: The Portal has re-opened (Apply)

This singular program has helped so many people. Many beneficiaries are happy that Federal Government of Nigeria has made life easier for them.


NOTE: This is a palliative loan. It is very relaxed. It gives you 1 year moratorium, and then about 3 years to pay it off with the most minimal interest.

This Government is the best at direct non-discriminatory empowerment that goes straight to our pockets. Na there I remove cap for them.

Here is the link:
Please, be patient and wait to be approved after successful applying.

To those yet to be approved that applied last year….be patient. So many are being paid. It’s step by step.

NOTE; If the site is jammed, please, try later.

Important: This is the 1st Government to go digital in giving Nigerians their birthrights. It is at a teething period.

When you apply for any FG program, make sure you do not make any mistake. Check and re-check everything you have put down before sending as we might not be able to help you if you tell us that you put the wrong account number.

And right now there are no edit options for almost all the programs. So please, make sure you correct every error before sending. Kind regards.

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