Nine (9) Reasons Most Ladies Stay Single For Long

As written by Mr. Jackson Daniels: the author of 48 guns for the General. A poet, counsellor and future aspiring politician; Here are nine solid reasons most ladies are single.



1. OCCUPANTS: there are some men I call “occupants”. they occupy the life of a lady in the name of engagement and waste her years, only to abandon her when she’s past her prime. and painful enough, after so many abortions and dispelling other serious suitors. occupant men succeed more with the help of constant sex and sometimes unplanned babies.



2. EXTREME POVERTY: this can hinder or delay a lady from marriage especially in this era when couples sustain marriages from dual accounts. some men may feel that she’s a liability. and besides, it takes money for a lady to purchase good clothing, maintain her hair, look very good and attractive for approach. and even change location. father’s, are expected to play a vital role in assisting their daughters in careers, and to be financially stabilized, before handing her over to her husband.( that’s why you are her Dad and she’s your baby).



3. TIME: there’s always a time for everything under the sun. for every woman on earth, time and chance must come your way. but what you make out of it, is another topic of discussion. mind you, you just don’t fold your hands and wait, but wait with vigilance, deligence and constant prayers.why? constant prayers energizes your spirit to be alert to have an insight of your time and a positive premonition of what’s coming your way. follow this teachings, never give up and you will see positive results.



4. BROKE LOVERS: some ladies already have a man they love. they are willing to settle with him, but unfortunately the finances are not available to perfect the union of both lovers. unfortunately, she’s not willing to quit, because she genuinely wants him and loves him unconditionally.
According to Lionel Richie and Diana Ross- they call it “Endless love”.



5. MATERIALISM: avaricious ladies are likely to run into irredeemable troubles. while some are successful, others are victims. head differs; not every woman will marry a rich man, some will grow with their man, some will ecounter riches, some will end up chasing shadows. and others will even be used as rituals. I can’t make your choice for you as a woman, but use your tongue and count your teeth in your quest for money.



6. SPIRITUAL: a lot of people will argue this one with me, but the fact you don’t believe doesn’t make this point wrong. the spiritual controls the physical. even the Americans with all their education still believe that the KENNEDY’s family, are cursed.
A family with 7 beautiful daughters and no one got married at all, or they got married and were all returned to their fathers house is questionable and calls for spiritual consultations. take it or leave it, so many ladies are under spiritual spells or curses that needs to broken. some of them attracted their spells with their own hands, some were curses laid on a family lineage, and some were even negative words spoken by parents out of anger. it is well.



7. FASTIDIOUS: looking for a 100 percent man when you can’t create one. always critical and very difficult to please. not as if you are perfect. if you continue in that pattern, you may waste your marital prime.and likely be faced with menopause.



8. DECISION:. there are some women that decided not to get married at all. eg: the convent sisters and others who are not part of the convent.



9. CHARACTER: this particular topic is a voluminous subject of interest that can take 50 pages. it involves temper, tolerance, thinking, unforgiveness, behavioural approach etc. it is the true definition of a woman. once you fail in character there’s nothing left in you as a woman. beauty may get you there but character will determine if you remain there or not.


There are some women who have failed in character, so they smartly rush and join the umbrella of feminism to cover their shame. they are the ones that mix misandrism with feminism out of bitterness of a failed character. they are the set of women that should be flushed out from the feminist struggle. I call them misguided feminist, because they don’t have a perused understanding of what feminism is or what it stands for.