Nigerians react as Student who passed her WAEC says she can’t wait to Graduate, Marry and Become Rich before Age 25

@the_anike who is a young Nigerian lady who passed her West African Secondary School Certificate Exams, WASSCE, has taken to social media (twitter to be precise) to rejoice and unveil her short great expectations.


According to Anike, she highly anticipates gaining admission into the university because she believes she will be free to act like an adult and be financially independent.

She added that she also expects to get married and become a millionaire before the age of 25.

@the_anike tweeted the below;

“I passed my here I comeeeeeee

“Finally I can be free, finish school early, cook any anytime, no stressss, be financially own my own , meet the loml, get married to the loml , be a millionaire before 25 , bag that degreee, omdssss I can’t waitt.”


Read her tweet;

However, Nigerians who have since finished school and are aware of the harsh realities and challenges plaguing the country, commented by making jokes about what she should expect while others also advised her.

See reactions from Nigerians on twitter and facebook with regards to @the_anike tweet;

Meanwhile, that’s few tweet replies, below are facebook comments about @the_anike WAEC post;

“I had a dream for finishing school and marry B4 22 cause i finished sec school when i was 16 years old…. to God b the glory I’m 24 years old and I’m still in 400L, infact I’ve been in 400L since last year and will still be in 400L next year because of asuu strike….FG your real mama 🚶🏻‍♂️🚶🏻‍♂️🚶🏻‍♂️🚶🏻‍♂️🚶🏻‍♂️” — Onyewuenyi Ugochukwu

“I wish you the very best and I know your dreams can be achieved. There are certain things you need to consider. This is Nigeria and currently, I can’t guarantee you that plan won’t have hiccups. After Sec school, you enter Jamb, from jamb to uni, uni to ASUU strike before you graduate. So calculate. To make it easier for you, just ask Regina Daniels for her past questions and your dreams will come true before that age once you’re a virgin like Uncle Ned likes ’em.” — Martin Beck Nworah

“I remember when I used to have same dream too, but Nigeria don’t care about our dreams at all. Well, I pray, God answer your prayers just as you’ve wished for it….just don’t give up because there must surely be hurdles.” – Zulaikha Mohamed

“May be she has forgotten she in Nigeria or maybe her mind is telling her she’s in canada…by the time u will trek under the sun cos u want to secure a job u will forget about being rich at 25” – Karen Ogochukwu Eke

“It is possible girl! But make sure you don’t give up no matter what life throws at you… Some people are so lucky as such in this same Nigeria… I wish you well!” – Irabor Success Faith

“Yes dear,u can achieve anything as long as u have God, your family’s support and money… Most of us only have God. He has blessed us already but no family support and no money to travel abroad to study cos asuu won’t let us graduate 🤣🤣🤣. Na extra year them just dash me so. Me that was supposed to graduate at 24,serve at 25,get a good job. Me sef get dreams oo🤣🤣🤣.” – GiftFine IB

“Yes dear. It’s achievable. But you have to marry first. To a sugar daddy adviceably. His money becomes your money, abi? Boom, you’re married and rich. Your sucre papito will now sponsor your education in ‘the abroad’ because ASUU has plans for you. Plans of evil and not of good to give you an extended end. If not, nne, it’s by taati tiri years that you will do gragration. For example, since 2019 till date, I still dey 300 level. 😭” – Chinecherem Maureen

“We all wished and prayed for so but the system fucked us up. Some jamb made them change from the dream course to something they didn’t plan for…just pray jamb doesn’t remember you. As for you getting married after graduation thank God it’s already a back up plan cos there’s no job anywhere in this country and getting married perhaps to a rich dude u already got a secured job😁” – Gideon Kalu

“I once had dreams that after my degree at the age of 23 I will have my Master’s @havard. Then marry at age 25/26. Become a CEO of my own company. But you see life ain’t gonna work as planned but trust me prophesying it and working towards it helps to keep u in check.  You had such goal to have ur waec on one seating and you achieved. Good luck girl” – Ekuma Kelechi