Nigeria@60: Nigeria is ‘Politically Independent’, Not yet Mentally, Religiously, Culturally and Economically Independent — Charles Awuzie

Cyber security expert, founder and Chief Executive Officer of Gemsbok Group, Dr. Charles Awuzie has hinted that Nigeria is only politically independent, not yet religiously, culturally, mentally and economically independent.

Nigeria@60: Nigeria is 'Politically Independent' Not yet Mentally, Religiously, Culturally and Economically Independent — Charles Awuzie

Below is what he wrote;

“Today is Nigeria’s 60th Independence Anniversary…

60 Years ago, we became politically independent from British Rule.

I say ‘politically independent’ because we are not yet mentally, religiously, culturally and economically independent….. Our culture, religion, mentality and economy are still dependent on the culture, religion, mentality and economy of the West. So it is very important that we know and understand exactly what we are celebrating on this day to enable us know what our next struggle should be or should have been.

60 years ago, a new political Nigeria was born with the freedom to choose her own leaders from among her own people…. This was a great foundation laid by our fathers, alas, our generation didn’t understand that political independence is only a foundation to other forms of independence.

Dr. Charles Awuzie

On this 1st October, I call upon our generation of Nigerians to WAKE UP and start seeking the other forms of independence…. We need to find our national identity? Who are we as a nation? Are we the names the world calls us… Are we the names western and Arabic religions calls us? Are we a mere name given to us by Lady Lugard? Who are we? What do we call ourselves?
In finding our national identity, we will find our true independence.

Today, we start a journey to #RedefineNigeria – this is a national consciousness movement that will produce a new breed of global shakers whose roots will be deeply rooted in integrity, intelligence, wisdom, compassion and unity. When the world screams #NigeriansMustGo, we shall smile and redefine #Nigeria to the world.

God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria.
God bless the people of Africa.
God bless our world.
God bless the milky-way.
God bless the universe.


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