Nigeria@60: 5 Kinds of Orientation You Need To Survive in Nigeria

Nigeria@60: 5 Kinds of Orientation You Need To Survive in Nigeria

Nigeria@60 – Today, the federal government of Nigeria celebrate her 60th anniversary of achieving Independence from the colonial masters.

Equally, there has been different reactions on social media from well known Nigerians who have so far kicked against the Independence day celebration, stating that there’s nothing to celebrate.

Notwithstanding all that, here are the kinds of orientation an average Nigerian need to cope in Nigeria as written by FC Mbabie on Facebook.




(1) Corporate Orientation:-This is the kind of orientation you need to have in order to survive the corporate world. The orientation teaches you how to behave, talk, act when dealing with the people in the corporate world. For instance, there is a way to behave in the Embassies, in the Banks, Offices and you get what you wanted.If you behave like a street man in the corporate environment you will be thrown out like a criminal.I don’t get stranded in the bank because I knew what tell any banker and he or she will listen to me.If I go to corporate offices,I knew how to talk their languages and they give me an attention.


(2)Street Orientation:-If you put up a corporate behavior in the street you will become a prey. You need to have a street orientation to be able to cope with street situation. This is the reason Agberos do well in the street than a man from the corporate world who joined the street. If you join politics without street orientation , you may become a mugu for a very long time. You learn the street language and street style to survive it. Eg When police arrests you in the street for minor offence, if you put up a corporate behavior you are finished.In the street,you don’t speak queens English. Years ago, I was easing myself at upper Iweka in Onitsha and suddenly some boys said I must pay #1500. On sensing trouble, I put up a street behavior. I was like in this land, na obosi man una dey tell this one for this our Onitsha again mbanu ,Onitsha when we follow dey run things?they ran away.

Happy Independence Day Nigeria At 60

(3) Spiritual Orientation:-This is orientation,one nedds to face the spiritual warfare. The world is full of wicked people, insecurity everywhere and people no longer fear God. Spiritual orientation makes you pray to God for protection and favor. It helps you guide your conscience and helps you stay out of evil. Recognizing that God is everyone helps you flee from evil.Spiritual orientation is what keeps a man from evil attack.Some go towards native way while some seek God Almighty.The latter is better.In this wicked world where your progress annoys some individuals,you need to pray against man’s wickedness.


(4) Relationship Orientation:-It helps you know how to relate with your wife or husband, family members, relatives and friends. Sometimes your wife wants to claim ownership against your family. You deal with all of them in wisdom. If you have a spouse who borrows and don’t pay back, wisdom demands you stop lending him or her money then support him or her without condition. If you have a child that steals, wisdom demands you keep your valuables where he can’t find it. If you have a friend that gossips too much wisdom demands you act busy anytime he or she comes.


(5) Business Orientation:-Know the business before you enter. Study it very well and know how to manage it else you become a retired successful business man due to losses and mismanagement. Get orientation else you find life frustrating.


Here’s what Ex-Nigerian Aviation Minister, Femi Fani-kayode wrote…

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