Nigeria Has Resources Than Dubai, But Dubai Has More Sensible Leaders — Nigerian Comic Blogger, Correct Bro

In a fresh rant by a Nigerian Comic Blogger, Correct Bro, Nigeria is blessed with more resources than Dubai, just that Dubai has more sensible leaders.

Correct Bro with the website url,, said;

“Nothing Dubai get wey we no get, we even get resources pass them but them get the ogakpatakpata of them all that is GOOD AND SENSIBLE LEADERS….

“Lesson: Give heaven and earth to a foolish person, after one year, he will turn it to Hell.

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“Nigeria has all it takes to make the country heaven on earth… while leadership of Dubai is busy planning, ours is busy stocking tanks, rooms with monies.

“The thing just dey pain me, after watching Vanguard, the urge to leave Nigeria for Dubai just dey hungry me but if I leave, who will make Nigeria great again.”