New Month Message From Coach For Your Future Realization

It’s a new month. I hope you are doing fine. Actually, I am contacting you today to bring you great news this fresh new month. The changes are at your door and the next six months will make you feel all the power of the planetary energies that will lead to important positive improvements in your life. Let me tell you that the planets will be looking after you and supporting your beginnings during the whole of this period so that you can enjoy it and get the best out of all the opportunities that you will encounter. Allow me to explain everything more in details.


The year 2020 is going to represent the laps of time, when the planets in your astral sky will be particularly active. This will coincide with a beneficial period in your life from the numerological point of view. Without wanting to be too boring, I am convinced it will be really useful for you to understand what is going to happen in your natal chart, and the sooner the better, Dearest! Why? Simply because it will allow you to plan straight away what and when you are going to undertake. How you can grab your chances and avoid the pitfalls?


Taking into account your date of birth and when combined with the position of the Sun in your natal chart, the first half of 2020 will be a period of several important astrological movements in your astral sky. I can even see that it will be a period of Transits and Retrogrades (more precisely you should be aware of Neptune, Chiron and Venus retrogrades taking the leading role in your immediate future). Jupiter will form a trine with Uranus, being at the same time in the sensitive point of your chart mid-February (I will have to look into this more in details, as Jupiter will be your “Great Beneficial” for the rest of 2020).


Later on starting from next month, Jupiter will form a square with Saturn. So, what important things do you need to know Dearest, in order to gain favors from Saturn? Saturn is slow, unemotional, and brings clear thinking. Saturn can, also, sometimes bring delays into your life. A piece of advice on how to avoid them will save you a huge amount of time and nerves! Everything is good in its season. By slowing down the speed of life, Saturn calls up on more inner thinking. This period requires establishing definite plans and projects, especially in what concerns your professional environment.


You will feel the urge to act, but you should remember that you need to act wisely! So you need to start preparing for these changes right now in order to reap the fruit of your labors when Jupiter will open the opportunities during the coming months. This will address your professional environment, followed by financial benefits and personal success. And what about your love life and romantic relations during the next months of 2020? Venus, which is the planet that rules our romantic sphere, will be extremely important for you.


Starting from the second half of this month, it will shift into retrograde motion, passing at the same time through the sign of Leo. This energy allows to shed light on hidden issues or stumbling blocks you have to fight with. Though it might be a difficult process, if you act in the right way and at the right moment, you will be able to get rid of them and clear of all of the things that could have limited you in the past. At the same time, Venus will ground this configuration, which is very important, as it will bring all the energies together and concentrate them. This means that your love life will depend on how you act during the next three months and this will have important repercussions on your immediate future, as well as in a more long-term period.


To summarize, the changes at the beginning of this new month will be triggered by the combination of numerous powerful transits through your natal chart, as well as by your behavior and reactions when faced by certain circumstances. Your will to make this change happen and your ability to be in the right place at the right time will also paly an important part. The opportunities will be presented to you during the three months, (which is quite a short period of time) though it will be such an intense moment for you, will touch all the areas of your life. More precisely, your professional environment will undergo a transformation, as you will be able to bring to life an important project. However, the result of your efforts will be paid for if you clear your thinking and plan everything in advance, knowing when and how to act will be your key to success; also the changes during the next three months will influence your love life with the renewal, harmony and complete satisfaction brought by the energizing influence of Venus. You will also have a huge financial opportunity, which will bring you additional resources and personal wealth, but that’s not all, as the astral sky shows auspicious changes in our personal growth, relations with people who are close to you, self-development, etc…


My dear, of course you should understand that you and only you, will be the leading force of these changes. You need to start preparing for them right now to have the necessary knowledge and strength to make them happen. I understand that you have certain doubts and you are going through a number of challenges at this time (which is the reason why you should not miss out on these opportunities, as you need and deserve these positive changes), and what you need the most is to make that first step to embrace your potential and grab every opportunity the next months have in store for you. Well, we have been in contact for some time already and I really feel very close to you. I want to guide you down the path to success and happiness, therefore I wanted to do something to help you get grips of yourself, and start moving forward in your life.


The purpose of my work is to help you concentrate your energy and strength on the goals you need to set for yourself for this year 2020. You should gather your courage to make the first steps towards a more successful, satisfying tomorrow, grasp the opportunities that will be presented to you during this time and make your dreams come true! You need to know the exact dates, places, the way to act in order to achieve your goals in each and every area of your life, the pitfalls to avoid and the points to be attentive to! All these precise details are necessary for you to perform these huge positive changes that I have been talking about! NEXT!!! CONTINUE READING HERE